Thursday, November 14, 2013

Charli in Charleston: Backyard Fun:

From Charli's Chair:

I am so happy that my Daddy got us stationed here! I miss all of my friends back in Monterey but I love getting to see all of my family all the time now (my Nana and Papa will be here tomorrow) and making new friends! 

My mommy and daddy are always taking me places, or my mommy takes me shopping, or we play with friends. I have had a lot of fun since we moved here.  But want to know what I like to do the most... I like to play in my big backyard with my puppies!!

My mommy didn't let me play outside a whole lot when we first moved into our house because it was so hot... But it is not hot anymore and now it is colder so we play outside everyday and it is so much fun!

I like to run!
 Chasing my puppies or when Mommy and Daddy chase me is the best:

I like to dig in the dirt with my shovel (and hands):

I like to pick up the leaves:

And pick the pretty flowers that my mommy tells me 'no':

And then my Mommy always has to have her camera in my face when I am trying to do stuff...:

I guess it is OK because I see how happy it makes her and that makes me happy!


I love living in Charleston!
Until my next adventure... 

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo charli


  1. What a nice backyard you have to play in, Charli! So glad you're enjoying your new home!

  2. Look at you! What happened to my sweet Baby Charli? You are Big Girl Charli now!

  3. Charli is so sweet... Oh yes, picking the flowers that are "off-limits" is so much better. What a sweet little girl w/ so much personality! Enjoy :)

  4. What IS it with digging in the dirt and toddlers. :)