Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Charli Adele: 16 month update:

(I had no intention of doing a 16 month update. My plan was 15 month then 18 month, but with her 15 month check up not being until just now I wanted to document some things from the Doctor and brag a little... Because let's be honest here, all of us mommies brag about our babies and I think that is 100% ok! And since this blog is my little family's journal I am going to document away!) ;)


I am not going to go over everything I would in her normal update post (since I covered the majority of it on her 15 month update), I am just going to pinpoint a couple of things that I was unaware of until this appointment.

First, being her official height and weight...Home girl weighed in at 29LBS and was 34INCHES tall. Charli has been in the 99% for both height and weight since her 2 week check up. And I will admit that I started to ask the Doctors (recently) if she is eating too much or if she is too big. Every single Doctor we have ever seen has said the same thing "She is absolutely perfect and healthy and this is what we love to see, don't worry." So this appointment wasn't any different, our Doctor commented on how tall she was  and that she will probably play basketball someday with her height...  and that while she is a big girl, she is absolutely perfect and healthy and to keep up the good work!!
(and side note: we love our new pediatrician!)

Second, they seem to be very interested in their vocabulary and things they can do (such as walking, climbing, stacking blocks, and a few other skills). The Pediatrician asked us if she could say at a minimum of at least 2 words other than 'Mama' and 'Dada'.  This actually came to a surprise for both Steven and I. 
We both knew Charli was very smart and very talkative (and have heard it from so many of our friends and family too) but it wasn't until this appointment that we realized just how smart our little girl was! 
So this past weekend I sat down and made a list of all of the words our sweet Charli can say at 16 months old... (Charli's words will be in parenthesis)

Charli's Words:
Mama... (Mama)
Dada... (Dada)
Nana... (Nana)
Papa... (Papa)
Bailey... (Blail)
Bogey... (Bo)
Dog... (Dog)
Hi... (Hi)
Bye and Bye Bye... (Bye... Bye Bye)
More... (More)
Bottle... (BaBa)
Cheers... (Chirs)
No... (No)
Go... (Go)
Uh Oh... (Uh Oh)
Whoa... (Whoa)
Ball... (Ball)
Hot... (Hot)
Bath... (Bath)
Poop... (Poop)
Baby... (BayBay)
Blocks... (Blah)
Airplane... (Airplay)
Train... (Choo Choo)
Butterfly... (Bu or BuBu)
Moon... (Mooooon)
Shoes... (Shes)
Hat... (Hat)
Boo Boo... (BooBoo)
My... (My)
Cheese... (Cheese)
Fishies... (Shishies)
Boat... (Boat)
Balloon... (Ballilili)
Dixie... (Didee... this is our neighbors dog)

Ok, I think that is it... 
And I think that covers the minimum of 2 words other than Mama and Dada ;)
(This list also does not include all of the animal sounds she can make)

Charli has also learned within the past month how to form 'short sentences'!
A few things she can say:
"Bye Bye Dada"... ("Bye Bye Dada")
"Bye Bye Dixie"... ("Bye Bye Didee")
"Hi Mama"... ("Hi Mama")
"Bogey No"... ("Bo No" and she points to him with her eyebrows scrunched) haha

She also got all of her shots today. It still breaks my heart watching them stick her with a needle and the look on her face as she stares into my eyes.
Yes I cried... I have cried every time and it hasn't gotten any easier for me.
Needless to say, we will be having a relaxing afternoon as she recovers!


We are so very proud of you sweet girl and all that you have learned over these past few months. 
We look forward to all of the new words and things you will continue to learn with each new day! 
Your mommy and daddy are so proud of you and we love you so much! 
(I have a feeling she is going to out smart me in the near future...) ;)

Happy 16 months sweetheart!


  1. Looks like Charli is growing like a weed! I wish I had her height! I think she'll be a volleyball player like her aunt Jettie!

  2. She's only three pounds a a few inches behind Charlotte! I bet she can get into college on scholarship right now based on her height! ;-) And wow - y'all have a talker on your hands! There will soon be a time when you wish you could just get a FEW moments of quiet in!