Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Thankful Home:

Our home here in Charleston is Thankful too...

Thankful to house our crazy, loving, loud little family
Thankful for the memories and moments we have already shared and are going to share inside these walls
Thankful to have protective puppies puppy (I don't think Bailey counts) to keep it safe;)
And Thankful to have so many visitors come and stay! 

We are so lucky to have been stationed so close to family for these next couple of years and have enjoyed having so many friends and family come see us, and for us to be able to go down and see them as well! With that being said, my Brother in law, his girlfriend,  and my Sister in law and her Fiance will be arriving today and we are so excited to see them all and spend a long weekend with them! 

And since we will be driving down and spending Thanksgiving with my parents and family, and Steven's brother and sister will be traveling and we won't get to spend the holiday with them, we will be having our own small little Thanksgiving with them this weekend! 

So with that... You know I have the house all decorated! ;) 
You saw a glimpse into our first bits of Fall here and here
And a look into what our home looked like for Halloween...

So here is a glimpse into Our Thankful Home...

My "give thanks" mantel that I made

Both guest bedrooms are ready for visitors again! 

Breakfast nook table runner that I made

The awesome planters box that my wonderful hubby made for me for the dining room! 
(you will be seeing a lot of this as it changes through the seasons I am sure) ;)

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a wonderful Veterans Day Weekend! 


  1. I love your style! Have a wonderful weekend with family!!

  2. Are you sure you're not related to Martha Stewart? ;-)

  3. Love it! come decorate my house now please? haha

  4. I love your Thanksgiving decorations! I might have to steal a couple ideas for my house...