Monday, October 28, 2013

Our HALL-oween Decor:

My Husband Someone once told me that "Halloween can't be all about Pottery Barn ya know"... 
(Which by the way, I think this is the funniest thing my husband has said, haha.. He knows me well! 
I can't help it, I like to keep it classy!)

Well guess what? 
Every holiday for this girl is all about Pottery Barn. I can't help it, it is one of my favorite stores and is 100% my taste and style. 
Yes, Pottery Barn can be expensive (you just have to know when the sales are), but that is also why I do a lot of DIY stuff, because I know I can make things that look "Pottery Barn" and it is so much cheaper (and fun)! 

Any who... We got all of our Halloween decorations up over the weekend, besides these few things that I did earlier in the month. 
So here is a glimpse into what our 'Spooky' home looks like this season! ;)

(and you will notice there are actually some spooky things up in our yard because the husband "won" due to the decoration contest in the neigborhood... ((me rolling me eyes))...) ;)

BOO banner I made

BOO wreath I made last year

Mommy's Second Annual painted pumpkin for our family! :)
(I will continue to make this pumpkin every year!)

I am absolutely in love with Charli's little pumpkin that she painted! 

Charli and Daddy's pumpkins, and another little pumpkin I did

A couple of the things Steven put out...
(And this witch flies around and makes scarey noises) 
If you know me pretty well, you know I HATE being scared and am the biggest scaredy cat around... 
So yeah, this is creepy and I do not like it one bit... 
But I guess that is what a marriage is, right? Making each other happy (and if it means a couple of scary decorations for my husband on Halloween, then so be it... I just won't be going outside at night alone)! :)

my DIY ghosts (Instructions below)

DIY Ghosts:
I used Christmas ornaments I had, white fabric, ribbon, and felt squares

I cut the felt squares into two pieces, made a slit in the middle on both pieces so the ornament ring could poke through, and just wrapped the felt around the ornament (holding it together with my hands) 

 I then took a piece of white fabric that I cut, that also had a slit in the middle (placing the ornament ring into that slit) and wrapped the fabric around the felt and tieing it off with black ribbon... voila!

 Proceed with making your little ghost faces with a black sharpie!

It's almost Halloween...
Happy Decorating! 


  1. I love it all!! Wish we could trick or treat at your house, so cute...and spooky! ;)

  2. Your front door/yard looks like something out of a magazine!

  3. So is it funny that my favorite thing is the broomstick? I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for quite sometime now! Stevens decorations are pretty kick butt too...Hope ya'll win!

    1. Thanks!! (So does Steven) ;) haha! But we definitley won't be winning... If only you could see the house on the corner...

  4. Your decorations look awesome!! And LOVE Charli's little pumpkin :)

  5. I love your decor. Oh, I do love Pottery Barn, but you're right...your crafts could be sold there, and I'd never know the difference! I love your "spooky" front door!

  6. Charli's pumpkin is so cute! And you DIY decorations are fab! Have you ever thought of going into interior decorating? I think you would be great at it. You have such a knack!

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, Interior Decorating has always been a dream of mine! I have always loved everything about it... who knows... maybe one day... But I will take being a mommy over any job right now! :)