Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jamaica: Part Two: Our Adventures:

One luxury that comes with staying at an All Inclusive Resort is that there are so many activities and adventures that you can go on for free! 

Now I am the kind of girl who enjoys sitting my happy butt down on a chair, soaking in the rays, sipping on a cocktail, and people watching! That is my ideal vacation (because we are there to relax, am I right?!). But Steven talked me in to doing some fun things while we were there, and I am so happy I took him up on that because we had such an amazing time together! 

So here are some of the things we did while on our Honeymoon...


Wake Boarding...

Paddle Boarding (Day 1)...

The view of our resort from the water

Paddle Boarding (Day 2)...

(These top photos were taken by Couples Swept Away)


(Hey look... It's Scuba Steve...)

The Spa...
(We had 2 spa days... Couples massages and all... This was definitely an adventure I was not forced into doing) ;)

Catamaran Boat Ride...
(from the views, to the sunsets, to swimming in caves with bats...)

The caves that we were about to jump in the water and go swim in 

Steven jumping in...

About to jump...

Looking back at the boat

Swimming into the caves

 Our view from inside

A little local boy climbing and jumping for money! 

Slide time

More Views from the Catamaran...

the famous Rick's Cafe

 And the beautiful sunset on our ride back to the resort...

The locals...
(We did venture off of the property one afternoon... We made it about 3 steps off the property on the beach and I had a local asking me if I wanted a puff, or some brownies he made... and was forced into buying jewelry... haha)

(And that was our extent into that adventure)

 There was so much more that was offered, but we spent the rest of our time beach side or pool side with a cocktail in hand!! ;)

Jamaica Part Three, a little glimpse into our resort life will be coming up next... Stay Tuned!


  1. Oh my goodness that looks like a magical place!! I may need to look into this...haha!! :)

  2. Okay, I think I know where Jarrod and I will be spending an anniversary! Looks amazing!

  3. Oh my gosh that water is so gorgeous, I want to be there now! I may need to place a vaca in the near future for Jamaica!