Friday, October 25, 2013

Jamaica: Part Four: Our Sunsets

(I took way too may sunset pictures which is why they are getting a whole post of their own)

There is nothing more romantic than a beautiful sun setting over the ocean...

Except for when you turn around and you have this starring back at you...

Thank you Jamaica, for such a wonderful time. 
Thank you for getting me oh so drunk that I don't even remember my very first day with you. 
Thank you for the moments with my husband, the memories we shared, the friends we made, the drinks that were consumed, the adventures that were taken, and for this... 
The most beautiful sunsets a girl could ask for!

Our very last night in Jamaica...

There were some locals who would ride up and down on the beach looking for anyone who wanted to go for a ride on the horse... 

So my husband allowed 2 of the locals to help me up on to the horse (in my bathing suit... pretty sure they copped a feel) ;) but I did get one amazing photo on our last night!  

Thank you baby for the most amazing Honeymoon a girl could ask for (and it never bothered me that we didn't get a Honeymoon), but I will be forever grateful for every moment spent with you! 
You truly are the man of my dreams! 

Goodbye Jamaica... Until we meet again


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! And photos to blow up for the wall! Glad you had such a fantastic getaway.

  2. Beautiful sunsets! Glad you guys had a great honeymoon!