Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Style: Being Festive with Fashion:

If you could tell from our Pumpkin PatchingPumpkin Carving, and even the Zoo... 
You would notice one thing in common... We are in orange and black! ;)

I love being festive with my fashion during the holidays or any special event
so today there was no exception...

With Halloween being tomorrow, we are having a couple of our  friends over for a little 'Halloween play date' so I wanted to share my outfit of choice for today...

I love the look of a simple maxi dress, cardigan, and scarf. This is a very cute and comfy way to transfer your maxi dresses from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter! 

Dress: bar III (from Macy's) | Cardigan: J.Crew | Scarf: Target

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo Traci


  1. look at that tiny waist! I think the festive scarf is the finishing touch

    1. You are too sweet! And I agree... the scarf is what makes it for sure! :)