Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Update: From Paradise to Paradise, and a Pumpkin Patch:

We are Officially home from Jamaica!! 

Thursday we said goodbye to this Paradise...

But Friday morning we got to say good morning to and snuggle with this Paradise...

(That is a true paradise only a Mommy and Daddy could want!)

We had an absolutely wonderful 'Honeymoon 2 1/2 years later' but to be completely honest, by the last day we were ready to see our little girl and just wanted to be home to her! 

Friday we stayed in Jax and relaxed with my parents. 
Steven and my dad went golfing while my mom, Charli, and I went shopping!  

We couldn't wait to hear about Charli's vacation while we were away and all of the things she did with her Nana and Papa. 
This was the very first time both Steven and I have been away from Charli for that long (5 nights), but according to my parents she was a rock star! My mom said they had absolutely zero problems and she was absolutely perfect, phew! ;) And actually she did even better for my parents for nap and bed (meaning she slept even longer every day than usual for them... taking almost 4 hour naps and going to bed at 7PM and not waking up until almost 8:30AM every day). 
My mom said they kept very busy, they did a lot of shopping and Charli got a lot of new clothes and toys, they had some pool time, lots of backyard time, some park time, lots of family time, and they even went down to Marineland! My mom also proceeded to tell me that this was by far the best vacation she has ever had (tear). It means the world to me that Charli was able to have this time with my parents!
Thank you so much again Mom and Dad! 

We finally left Jax on Saturday morning and headed back home. After being gone for so long I was so excited to just get home, unpack, relax, and sleep in my own bed... And that is what our Saturday consisted of... That and watching a whole lot of crappy football... 

Sunday morning we headed to the early service at church, came back home for a wonderful brunch made by my amazing husband, then headed out to Boone Hall Plantation for a whole lot of Fall activities such as...

The Corn Maze...

Not only Charli's first corn maze, but it was a first for Steven and I as well!

That face says it all... 'Mom. Why in the world would you stop me from my maze to take a picture?' :(
(she was seriously so mad at me. haha)

Ok, I finally got a smile... ;)

The Hay Ride...

Standing in line waiting for the Tractor (Charli's first Tractor Ride)

(The hay ride was filled with so many neat Halloween decorations along the way)

And this little girl had an absolute BLAST!!!!!! 

The Petting Zoo...
You know this was a favorite for our little animal lover!

 Some Festivities on the lawn...

climbing in the 'spider web'

Honey Bees

And of course, The Pumpkin Patch...

We had such a fun day at Boone Hall Plantation and Charli absolutely LOVED every minute of it! There was so much to do (as you can see), and we didn't even do everything (some things were geared more towards the bigger kids), but that's alright... 
We had a little girl that was ready for a nap! :) 

I think Charli's second Pumpkin Patch visit was a success! 
But please Lord, tell me how she has grown so fast in just 1 year...

Charli's first pumpkin patch visit

Where did that little baby go? :(

The rest of our Sunday was spent hanging out in the backyard, decorating for Halloween, watching football, drinking beer, eating dinner, and wishing sweet dreams to our little love! 
Perfect ending to a perfect day!


How was your weekend? I hope it was as enjoyable as ours! 

Happy Monday! 


PS. Jamaica is coming your way... stay tuned! ;)


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love all of the pictures, so cute!!! :)

  2. What a precious little outfit! So glad yall had a blast! Looks like so much fun!


    1. Thank you! I was dieing over her little outfit... haha!! :)

  3. You all look amazing! Beautiful photos. Miss you guys a ton! Who's garage are we going to carve our pumpkins in this year? :(

    1. Thank you! We seriously miss you guys so much!! We talk about you guys all the time and how much we miss all of the fun things we would do!! And SERIOUSLY?!?! Nothing will ever beat last years pumpkin carving in the garage!!! So much fun!!

  4. That pumpkin farm looks amazing! And I love Charli's outfit! But do you know what got me most excited? The mud! And that it probably got there by way of rain. And maybe some thunder and lightning. Can you tell that I miss a good thunderstorm?

  5. What an awesome pumpkin patch! We are looking forward to Easton's second trip to one as well! And of course, love the fall outfits! :)