Friday, October 25, 2013

Jamaica: Part Three: Our Resort Life:

There might have been a whole lot of fun activities to do at the resort and adventures to go on while in Jamaica (and we obviously did our few), but when we weren't doing any of those things you could have found us sleeping, napping, drinking, eating, lounging, at the pool, at the beach, did I say drinking? ;)

So this my friends is a better look at what we were actually doing while in Jamaica...

Pool Life...
At the swim up bar

My sexy husband! 

Oh look... At the swim up bar... again!

Waiting very patiently for my drink! :)

Beach Life...

There were locals that would walk up and down the shore trying to sell you things or playing music for money. I did buy a new hat (pictured below)

At one of the beach bars

Night Life...

Spent a lot of time at the martini bar!

Rocking my Resort Style for dinner one night

The Couples Martini... And why yes, we did finish it... And a second one! ;)

Oh this? Just sipping on a martini is all! 

 Our lantern lite walkway out to our private table on the beach

The most perfect private beach dinner that Steven had set up for us! 

The photographer made us pose like this... But whatevs, it's adrobs! ;)

We also sent off fire lite lanterns into the night! 
(Photo by Couples Swept Away)

 Our lanterns in the night!

I am so in love with this amazing man that I get to call mine! :)

The talent show on our last night

Our friend Sarah (who we met her and her husband who were on their honeymoon and spent a lot of time hanging out with them) performing 'the cup song' from pitch perfect (she was amazing!)

And I 100% lied to you... There will be 4 posts on Jamaica (hahaha)! ;) 
But don't worry, it will be the final post, I promise! 

So stay tuned... Our Jamaican sunsets are coming up next... 
I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures! 

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