Friday, October 11, 2013

Navy Traditions:

There are so many neat things that I get to experience being a Navy Wife. This morning was the Navy Region  Southeast  Component Command Change of Command Ceremony (Steven's Boss's Boss). 

We arrived in Jacksonville on Thursday afternoon, as we were invited to attend the Change of Command/Retirement Ceremony at Naval Air Station Jacksonville Friday morning. This was my very first time experiencing a Change of Command Ceremony and a Retirement Ceremony (and I got both in one!) 

It was such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful ceremony.
Fair Winds and Following Seas Captain Smith!

Steven and the Skipper (his boss in Charleston)

Us with the Skipper and Kelly

After the Ceremony and Reception, we met up with Steven's brother, Amia, who is stationed at NAS!
 It is an amazing thing to witness something so traditional... the salute between two brothers is a pretty awesome thing if you ask me! 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

PS. We may or may not be heading out for a romantic island vacation/honeymoon (2 1/2 years later), just the two of us!! Stay tuned for more to come! ;) 


  1. As a navy brat, this speaks to my heart! I love military life.

  2. Great pictures!! Ugh I am soo jealous!!! Hope you're having a blast!! :)