Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend:

Alleluia. Christ is Risen.
The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia

So it was a pretty lazy Friday, with Jettie leaving. Just some cleaning and laundry was had! 

Saturday we headed up to San Francisco for a short day trip to see my Aunt and cousin who were in town on vacation. They had not met Charli yet, and I am so glad we were able to spend a little time with them while they were in Cali! 

After we got home on Saturday, Charli got to try frozen blueberries for the very first time, and she absolutely loved them!! And that basically wrapped up our Saturday! 

Charli's First Easter was so special! We kept it a very low key morning, and were so excited to see the look on Charli's face when she saw what the Easter bunny brought her! (It is so amazing how much she knows and understands these days!)

Pure joy!

I still can't believe how fast she is growing up, but I know no matter how old she is, every holiday will feel like this! 

This afternoon we had an Easter Dinner with some of our friends in the neighborhood! All week it said it was going to rain all weekend, and I had these great plans for an outside Easter dinner... So you could imagine how upset I was. But when we woke up this morning, and saw the sun rising in our window, I knew it was going to be a glorious day! There was not a drop of rain, and it was blue skies and sunny! It was a perfect day with some really great friends! 

 After we all ate, we had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids! Charli got to find her very first egg! 

How cute is this? They were all matching!!! haha!  

 Cullen thought it was pretty cool that he and Mr. Steve were wearing green polos! And they both had on boat shoes! ;)

So here is a sneak peak of our Easter photo shoot we had on our anniversary last week! Enjoy and Happy Easter!

(Photography by KC Knoop)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jettie does Cali:

Aunt Jettie left today, and we are all very sad... But I must say, we had such an amazing time while she was here! You can see from the 'Weekend Update' posts, that we had a great weekend after she arrived! So on to what we did all week long...

So this week was Steven's 'E week' (basically his Spring Break), but unfortunately he was selected to go to a week long conference at school. It really sucked not being able to go on vacation or get out of town for the week (which is what we had planned before he was selected). We had big plans for while Jettie was here! But I must say, I think this week was absolutely perfect! And I am just glad she was here to spend it with us! 

Monday started out with Jettie and I taking Charli and Bogey for a great walk down to the beach. We had a great girls day that consisted of pedicures and wine tasting... Ummm pretty perfect if you ask me! 

Tuesday was another girls afternoon! We headed into Carmel Valley for the most perfect picnic! We had such a great time, with the most beautiful view! (I sure will miss my California picnics in the Valley when we move!)

And I'm pretty sure we may have the best little picnicker! She loves it! 

After Steven got home on Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the Monterey Farmers Market! A definite must in our book!

 And I'm pretty sure the Tree shirt she got from the Hippie van was Jettie's favorite thing ever! :) 

After a trip to the Farmers Market, we headed to Pebble Beach to meet up with a couple of our friends for an adult beverage and a perfect sunset to end a perfect Tuesday!

And on our way back home, we caught a beautiful view of the moon! 

Wednesday was Steven and I's anniversary, and a pretty low key day! We ran a few errands (that included picking up our baby chick "huh" for our Easter photo shoot we had scheduled!) Huh was the perfect addition to our Wednesday, and we loved baby Huh with all our heart! ;) (Charli's new word she says is 'huh', so that's why we named baby chick 'huh'!) haha!

Our little passenger!

Thank you baby Huh for the wonderful 2 days we had with you! We will always remember our time together! ;)

So after our photo shoot, we headed back home to get Charli ready for bed, so mommy and daddy could take advantage of Aunt Jettie being in town, and having a built in babysitter!! Woohoo! We have only had 2 date nights since Charli was born, so we were very excited (but of course, still hate leaving her...) Steven and I went to dinner at Mission Ranch in Carmel (Clint Eastwood owns this restaurant, and it has been a favorite of ours since we have been here!) It was such a special evening for Steven and I, and we were also able to open a very special bottle of wine that was given to us on our wedding night, that we were not able to open on our 1 year since I was pregnant! 

Thursday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It gets more and more fun going to places like this with Charli, as she gets more familiar with her surroundings! She LOVES animals, and I love seeing her reaction to them! It melts my heart! (Our baby is growing up!)

As much as everyone says Charli looks like her daddy... I'm pretty sure she has the back of my head! ;) haha! Cutest baby head ever! :) 

After the Aquarium, we did a little wine tasting! (Completely normal for a Thursday afternoon!)

Best little winery baby there is!

Thursday evening was Jettie's last night with us. So what better way to send her off from Cali, then a perfect beach bonfire, and sunset over the Pacific! 

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit upset when we got to the beach and the fog was so thick you couldn't even see the ocean... But I must say, I have never seen anything more beautiful then the glow of the sun inside the fog!

The fog started to clear, and I was able to get some pretty awesome pictures of the different stages of the sunset!

Haha! Love this! (Could this be considered a "selfie photo bomb"?!)

I love my family!

Aunt Jettie and her favorite niece!

My two loves! There is nothing more perfect!

Like father, like daughter!

Needless to say... We had an amazing time while Aunt Jettie was here, and it was so special seeing the bond that has formed between my daughter and her Aunt! We miss Jettie so much already, and cannot wait until we see her again! 

PS: There were many "Jettie-isms" on this trip, but the one quote that sticks out the most, was from her first day here... "Charli won't let go of my hand... I think we're in Love"! 

We love you Jettie Jean!