Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On the Road to Remission:

As some of you know I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease over 2 years ago and have been battling with it day in and day out. It is something very difficult to live with and a lot of people don't understand it... Yes, I look completely healthy and fine on the outside, and it looks like there is nothing wrong, but this disease has taken over my entire body. My inside looks like that of an 80 year old, and I am only 27. 

I had a miscarriage due to my disease and being so extremely ill. But I thank the good Lord above that he blessed me beyond belief with an absolutely beautiful and healthy baby girl! I was a very high risk pregnancy due to having Crohn's Disease, and all of the complications that come with this disease and can cause during pregnancy and with the baby. My OB actually said he has not seen someone who is so sick as myself, but carries themselves the way I do, and is so positive. 

So on my 'Weekend Update' post, you might have seen at the bottom that we were headed to the UCSF Research Hospital on Monday so I could be seen by a specialist. My appointment went really well, and this Doctor is the World's Leading Specialist for people with this Disease and in my situation. I had a lot of blood work done (that this hospital is actually the only one in the world that does this specific blood work), I have a few procedures scheduled for the next few months, and they are ready to get me to remission! (Words I have been praying to hear for 2 years!) She of course asked if we were planning on trying to have another baby, and I told her yes, hopefully towards the end of the year we were going to start trying again... I was then told I was not allowed to get pregnant again until I was in remission... Very hard words to hear, which is another reason why she has an entire plan of action to get me there! 

I don't know why I was diagnosed with this disease, and I probably will never know, but I thank God each and everyday that he has put the people in my life who understand what I am going through, and help me every day! For the most amazing husband who stands by my side in my worst of worst, and who has dealt with this just as much as I have. And for my wonderful mother who has done the exact same! Thank You!

Come on Crohn's, I am ready to kick your butt! (literally) ;) 


  1. O man, that is tough that they said you can't try again quite yet, but I have faith that the remission is coming!!

  2. So glad that your doctor is so optimistic. That is great news! I'll be praying for the best!