Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Update: Part One:

This weeks weekend update will be brought to you in two parts! With Jettie arriving on Friday and with Steven's birthday, it has been a very busy, yet fun filled family weekend! 

You can see our pictures from Friday on Steven's Birthday post, so on to Saturday... We woke up and had a pretty relaxing morning that consisted of waffles, and Cat in the Hat! Charli got to try her very first waffle on Saturday morning and she loved it! 

Then we headed down Highway 1 to Big Sur! (We make this drive for all of our visitors! It is a must see when coming to Monterey!) And for Jettie being a first timer to California, it was a trip of a lifetime! Just look at these breathtaking views. This never gets old!

Jettie's first time seeing/touching the Pacific Ocean!

We stopped and had lunch at River Inn in Big Sur, and sat on the lawn by the river and enjoyed the sunshine!

Afterwards we headed to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park! We definitely were not dressed for hiking, but I am so glad we stopped and saw a piece of California that we might never see again! Hiking in flip flops... No bigs...! ;) 

Our littlest hiker!

Yay, we made it!

It was an amazing day spent with my family! 

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