Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Charli Adele: 8 month update:

So I know I say this with every monthly update or with every new milestone that our little girl accomplishes, but seriously, she is growing up WAY too fast! She is 8 months old today... EIGHT MONTHS OLD! I am in complete denial that our little baby girl is a full on little person! Her personality shows every day, and she really is no longer this itty bitty baby :( As her mommy, I am experiencing all sorts of emotions as she grows up. I wish I could have kept her as this tiny newborn forever, that all she wanted to do was eat and sleep on my chest! But it is such a joy to watch her grow and learn each and every day! Charli is the light of our lives, and I am so lucky to call her mine!

Charli's Stats:
*21lbs 11oz and 28 inches 
*Size 3 diapers still (she has been in pampers swaddlers since day 1)
*Size 9 month clothes for the most part. She still fits into half of her 6 month sizes, but I have slowly been putting them up in the closet to be vacuum sealed
*She has 4 teeth!! 2 top and 2 bottom!
*She still takes 2 naps a day (9 AM and 1 PM)
*She still nurses 4-5 times a day
*She still loves bath time, and gets so excited when I turn on the water!

*She still loves grabbing hold of hair and pulling it really hard... Me on the other hand... Not so much!
*She still loves jewelry
*She is so talkative and is such a love! She loves giving hugs and kisses! (Every time I give her a kiss, I make the sound 'muah', so now when she gives me kisses she hums 'mmmmmmmaaaa'! Pretty cute huh?!)
*She celebrated her first St. Patrick's Day and we are getting ready to celebrate her first Easter!
*She is still a great sleeper! We had a little over a week of her not going to bed easily like normal... Just wanting to nurse and not come off. And then two little top teeth appeared, and she was back to normal! 
*She now knows both Bailey and Bogey's name! It is the cutest thing! We say "Where's Bailey?", and Charli starts scanning and searching, and when she finds her she starts jumping up and down and laughing! (She does the same for Bogey! ;))
*She is still not 'officially' crawling but is ALL over the place! She can go from sitting up to laying on her belly and moving in a circle in a blink of an eye! And she can get onto all four's all by herself! (I really think she will crawl any day now! She is that close!)-- (side note though: my mom said I never crawled, and started walking at 10 months... so she may just not be a crawler... we shall see!) ;)
*When she does get onto all four's, she will kick her legs out and stay in a push-up position! It is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! (already a little athlete!)
*Her newest trick is "How big is Charli? Sooooo big!" (I am working on clapping right now!)
*Another new trick, is she plays 'peek-a-boo'! If you say "Where's Charli?" She will pull her blanket over her head, and then bring it down, and then I say "There she is!" or "Peek-a-boo!"
*She is still a great little eater, and absolutely loves Spinach! So as of now she has had peas, green beans, carrots, bananas, rice cereal, avocados, spinach, peaches, pears, apples, mango's  squash, and sweet potatoes. We started giving her 'Happy Baby' puffs, and 'Baby Mum Mum''s, and she loves them, and has been feeding herself for weeks now! (I love seeing her little fingers at work trying to grab on to the puffs!)
*She has also tried her first Popsicle- orange, she had a bite of a red potato on St. Patrick's Day, and she licked a plum yesterday! :)
*She is officially our of her swing :( and we will be packing it up until baby #2 happens... I know I will cry when Steven takes it apart...
*We borrowed our friends baby walker, and have had it for just over 1 week, and she absolutely LOVES it! (Don't tell our pediatrician... she would not approve. But she is only in the walker with my supervision). It is seriously the cutest thing though watching her little legs walk! 
*She LOVES face timing with her Nana! She starts laughing and talking when my mom is on FaceTime, as if she is having a conversation with her! So stinking cute! And when we FaceTime with Uncle Darren, and he plays 'peek-a-boo' with her, she tries to look behind the phone like he is back there! It is so funny!

"Soooooo big!"

It is hard getting pictures of her sitting still these days! She is everywhere! And she loves pushing herself up onto the arm of the chair and looking outside! 

Checking what's outside again!

Happy 8 months Charli Adele! Your mommy and daddy love you so very much!

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