Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Update:

It was a pretty lazy  relaxing weekend in the Hall house! Steven has been swamped stressed with school, and has been locked up in his office upstairs for the majority of the weekend. (Can't believe he is in his last 2 quarters here at NPS...) We did make it out though for a couple of fun activities  and it was a good way to get Steven away from the computer for a couple of hours! 

Friday we went down to Cannery Row and walked around and did an early dinner at El Torito Mexican Restaurant! Since we have lived here, Steven and I have not found a Mexican restaurant that we both really love (which has been a bit of a disappointment...) but I think we might have found it... (and how did it take us this long? I have no idea, but the good thing is we found it!) And it comes with this view...

The view from our table

It also comes with this view... well when we are there that is! ;)

Saturday it was a mommy/daughter shopping morning while daddy did school work, school work, and more school work... But luckily we made it out of the house for a few hours with daddy (and Bogey got to join)! We went into Carmel Valley and did a little hike in Garland Ranch Regional Park

Bogey had a blast

After our little hike, we went over to Georis Winery for a glass of wine! (Because it is completely acceptable to treat yourself to an adult beverage after "hiking", right?! ;)) 

So not only do we have an amazing Winery baby, but we have an amazing Winery fur baby! 

Love Love Georis Winery

Saturday evening, both Bailey and Bogey had scheduled spa days... (Bogey got quite the weekend...). Both loved them and they look so fresh and so clean clean! :) Charli also got her first taste of avocados! Our little California girl LOVED them! She has been eating them all weekend! 

Sunday we ran a couple of errands and it was work, work, and more work for daddy! 

Tomorrow we will be headed up to the San Francisco Research Hospital for me to see a Specialist for my Crohn's... Hoping it all goes well... (sigh)

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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