About Me:

Hi, I'm Traci! Thanks for stopping by! 
I am a born and raised Southern girl from Jacksonville, FL who fell madly in love with an amazing man who happens to be a Naval Officer. My husband and I have been married for 5 years now, and I can't tell you how proud I am of him and his Service to our Country and making me a very proud Navy Wife! We have two beautiful children, Charli {3 years} & Crew {1 year}! I am so lucky to be a Stay at Home Mom to our babies and am doing exactly what I have always wanted! I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Celiac Disease over 6 years ago and we struggle and deal with the day to day challenges that both of my illnesses throw our way.

The things I enjoy and the things I am most passionate about, are what you can find on this little blog of mine... First and foremost, my family; I love living life to the fullest and being the best wife and mother I can be. Next would be my love for decorating/interior design and crafting; I am constantly keeping busy with something, when I'm not chasing around our almost 2 year old ;)! Fashion; Now, I am no Fashion Blogger, but I love everything about fashion and style and I enjoy sharing styling/fashion tips with you all! And of course my love for Photography; I have always had a creative mind and photography has always been a hobby/passion of mine. I enjoy using it as an outlet and you can always find me with my camera in hand!

I hope you enjoy The HALLway just as much as I do, and I hope this gives you a little glimpse into our little life!

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