Sunday, September 24, 2017

Catching Moments: {31/52}:

*"To the world you are just one person, but to one person you are the world"
Loved this shot I got of Crew and Daddy playing on the rocks. 

*Charli loved watching all the surfers at the beach. When I told her I could teach her to surf if she wanted, she politely said "ummmm no thats ok, that looks like you can get hurt" {our cautious little girl, always!haha}

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall:

Happy First Day of Fall Friends! 

Can you even believe it... 
All things Pumpkin can officially commence! Oh my basic self can hardly contain the excitement!! Give me all the PSL's & Hocus Pocus! I love Fall for so many reasons; the change of pace, having "some" cooler weather, Pumpkin everything {give me all the Pumpkin Patch outings!}, and of course Football!! Go Gators. I have started decorating for the season but not a whole lot. I don't know why but recently I have only wanted to decorate here or there {I used to decorate for every single holiday, which don't get me wrong I still put things out for the day of the holiday but thats it, it goes away the next day. Whereas I used to love having it out the whole month}. Eh, I like the shift though with keeping it really simple and tied in to my everyday decor. 

I will never  get tired of changing out my throw pillows though {Steven thinks I have a "pillow problem"... lies, all lies} but there is something so refreshing every season when you pack ones away and bring the new ones out. I'm sure I will be adding more touches of Fall here and there, but it won't be much. 

I am also playing a lot of catch-up on the ol' blog. I feel I have abandoned it for a little while because, life. I have so much editing to do but I promise it will be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & Happy Fall! xoxo 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer Snapshots:

Well, today marks the last "official" day of Summer, and though it is always sad to see it go, I love all things Fall and you better believe I am ready. Though we don't see a whole lot of "Fall" temps here I still love this time of year for so many reasons. But before we jump into all things Pumpkin I would like to reminisce on some of our fun & lazy Summer days and share some Summer Snapshots that I never got around to posting. 

Lazy Summer Days around the house & the hood are always the best

Crew got Charli's hand-me-down bike and he couldn't love his "big" bike more.

We went to the Zoo so many times but the trip that tops the list was being there with some of our very best friends who were back home in Jax for a little while before they moved back to San Diego. We loved every day we got to spend with them! 

We spent the last few days before School Started living the boat life. 

It was the absolute perfect way to spend our last couple of days before the hustle & bustle of School & extra curricular activities started. It was also our last couple of days with Daddy before he left us for a Month.  

 These are the kind of days & memories I hope our children will remember forever! 

Even though we are entering into Fall, you know there are plenty of more pool days ahead with our heat! We were just there yesterday! 

So goodbye Summer, until next year!