Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santa Brunch 2016:

Happy half-way through the week friends! 

Can you believe Christmas is just over a week away? Insane right. Well we have been doing as many festive things as we can around here and it has been so much fun this year now that Crew is older and more aware. 

On Sunday we had a very special visitor come to our club... Santa himself! We headed down to have brunch with him for the second year in a row and Charli was mesmerized, truly in awe... "mommy, is that the real Santa? I think it is. It's not a helper. I'm going to be on my best behavior". Crew was skeptical which is exactly the reaction I knew we would receive from him. He wanted nothing to do with the big guy in red... Arched his back, went limp, straight arms, straight legs, and yes even kicked the man when we tried to put him in his lap...

So we took a break from Santa and went and sat down to eat breakfast and have mimosas {multiple mimosas}. The kids got to visit with Mrs. Claus and each got a Rudolph painted on their hands {because let's be honest, mommy doesn't do face painting}, and Nana took them to decorate cookies.

Crew got very interested in Santa a little later and wanted to head back to see him. We walked back over to him and I told him that Santa probably knows he loves Choo Choo trains so much, and that's all she wrote... Crew sat right up in his lap, smiled, snuggled him, took his candy cane, and gave him a fist bump! haha. 

It truly was a magical morning with the kids and a Santa Brunch Success if I do say so myself! And I love that my mom could be there with us for such a special morning!  

 Now to compare Santa pictures from the past three years with both babes!
{2014 // 2015 // 2016}

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