Friday, December 2, 2016

Our Home Tour: Back Patio:

Happy December & Happy Friday Friends! 
Nothing like waiting until now to finally getting around to sharing a project we did over the Summer! I guess better late than never though, right! 

I have shared with all of you how the very first thing we felt needed work and updating was the Backyard. So after finishing the kids Playground we moved right into updating an outdoor space for us... Our Back Patio. 

It was never a livable space when we were outside and it was far from functional for us. Honestly, I hated it. It was this tiny "L" shaped piece of concrete slab and as I have mentioned before, we enjoy being outside in our backyard and this space was just not enjoyable to say the least. It gave me anxiety to even look at. 
So expanding the patio was a must. 

After deciding on the perfect stone paver, Steven went to work on removing all of the sod and getting the area perfect to save on costs.

{a couple of before shots... we have also realized through this renovation adventure I am awful with "before pictures" so you will tend to see my "before" shots are usually after something has already started... oops. But you get the drift.}

Our stones arrived right around my birthday in July and the guys got right to work after everything was approved through our HOA. Our 950 sq. ft. patio was built in one day, sealed the next day, and it looks like it should have always been there to begin with! 

They expanded our steps along with adding in our front porch to match. I cannot say enough good things about Trey with Reef Pavers. They were amazing to work with, timely, and in budget. And now we have had a beautiful space that we enjoyed all Summer, all Fall, and will continue to enjoy all Winter! 

Some things we did to spruce up the space, Steven hung a TV, I had him change out the nasty lantern to one that matches our carriage lanterns out front, and new patio furniture which we love. Little details go a long way. We aren't 100% finished as Steven wants to build an outdoor Summer Kitchen over in the corner by the french doors and we are waiting on our two chaise lounge chairs that will sit under our master bay window for a nice relaxing seating area. This space though has met all our expectations and we could not be happier with this transformation.

So if you need us, or would like to just come join, you can find us right here, sipping on a glass of wine watching the kids run around a play! 

Happy Friday & Cheers to the Weekend!

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