Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Home Decor: HALL-iday Edition:

Happy Friday Friends & Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Are you as ready as we are for all of the wonderful Christmas Festivities to really begin?! We are kicking it off with all the festiveness today because, Christmas Eve Eve {it totally needs to be celebrated too people}! Nana is here this morning and we will be baking sugar cookies, watching as many Christmas movies as we can, and rocking around the Christmas tree in our jams!

 Christmas Eve Eve is also a day that we love to look back on and reminisce because it was on this day three years ago that we found out we were pregnant with Crew and that our family would soon be complete! It truly is amazing how fast time goes by, it feels like just yesterday we were still pregnant or that he was just an itty baby. But alas, here we are getting to witness the pure magic through his sweet little eyes as he takes it all in and copies his big sisters every move, saying "Merry Tit-mas" &"Sita Close" {santa clause}... it could make my momma heart just burst! 

Our home is officially ready for the Christmas Weekend and we are looking forward to spending another year with our family. My parents will be coming over first thing Christmas morning and again for Christmas Dinner and it has been a new tradition for us and one that we all look forward to!

So on this Friday before Christmas, while my home is still neat, I'm inviting you in to take a sneak peek! 

I couldn't leave out our lights at night!

As you walk in through the door our front room greets you. It is probably my favorite room of the house for many reasons and I love having our tree front and center. 
A lot of people don't like having a "formal sitting room" but it was actually something Steven and I both really wanted in a home and it is the perfect oasis to curl up with some tea, especially this time of year! 

{the little white wooden reindeer were made by my grandfather back when I was a little girl and my parents gave them to me and I have since re-furbished them. They used to be brown and missing eyes. A little TLC and they are perfect!}

Our dining room houses my most favorite piece this year... My Willow Tree Nativity. My mom had one for so many years and it was something I always loved and wanted and she gifted it to me this year!! Thank you mom!

Our breakfast nook is displayed with the gorgeousness of family & friends and they keep coming! Sending & receiving Christmas Cards is by far my favorite tradition of the season. I love displaying all of our cards we receive by using a simple clothes pin and clipping them onto wreaths. It is the perfect added touch to our breakfast nook corner! 

Just past the nook & kitchen is our family room where each stocking is hung, waiting for Santa to come! 

And because Christmas Week is busy to say the least, the perfect spot to cuddle up and sleep! 

Thank you for joining in a little HALL-iday tour
Merry Christmas Eve Eve, once more! 


  1. Gorg! I also love have a formal sitting room, it is something I always want in our homes!

    1. Thank you! This is one of the many reasons why I knew we would be great friends!! Haha. So many people want total "open concept" which is great for certain areas of the home but having that sitting space is a sanctuary of sorts!! We call it our "drinking room" and so does Charli! Bahahaha! Here's to our fabulous drinking rooms!!

  2. The lights on the outside look fabulous! As does the inside of course!