Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Christmas 2016:

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is straight ahead. Where did this month {year} go. I am sad to say goodbye to this holiday season as it has topped the list for good ones for sure. The kids ages right now are so fun when it comes to all things festive and the joy that even the little things we did brought to them; Baking cookies, Finding Jingle the Elf, Watching Christmas movies, they loved it all and everything was so magical to them! I can't tell you how many nights we would get in our Christmas jammies and ride around our neighborhood in our golf cart, listening to Christmas music, looking at all the pretty Christmas lights. That will by far be my most favorite memory this year!

This Christmas was a good one in so many ways. Just getting to be together as a family and knowing
daddy got to come home and be with us is what made it perfect! His work has still been crazy busy and he worked a 24 hour shift the day/night before Christmas Eve, so hearing him walk through the door on Christmas Eve was music to our ears! We spent that afternoon just relaxing and spending time together as a family before the hustle and bustle of Christmas really started! Santa's cookies were a high priority though so we made sure we got those in before doing anything else! One of Charli's absolute favorite things to do is help in the kitchen and it is the cutest thing to witness! 

We headed over to my parents for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner followed by getting to open up our one gift {Christmas jammies}. It was such a fun and wonderful evening filled with family, food, laughing & making oh so many memories together. 

Christmas morning arrived and we had one excited little girl who woke up at 5:30AM {nope, back to sleep it's still the middle of the night I said... totally worked thank goodness!}. My parents arrived to the house bright and early so they could be here to watch our sweet little babes come running out of their rooms to see if Santa had come. Charli and Crew were so excited to see Nana & Papa and the pure magic of Christmas truly filled our home! 

It was a perfect morning filled with love, laughter, chaos, and craziness and I wouldn't have traded it for the world! After presents were opened we had breakfast, mimosas, and the kids played with everything they received. We just sat back, took it all in, and enjoyed every bit of it! While the kids played with all of their new things, we played with my parents new giant JENGA game that Steven made them! It was such a fun morning with our family! 

Christmas ended with my parents coming back to enjoy a delicious and beautiful Christmas Dinner at our house and more memories were made. Everything was simple yet perfect and we truly couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!  

One thing that I will cherish from this year was that Charli wore my Christmas dress from when I was her exact age. I love that my mom kept so many of my things from when I was little and that Charli has been able to wear them her whole life! It is so special seeing so many things passed down a generation! 

So even though Christmas is over, we are excited that Grammy is arriving any second and will have a fun filled week with her and looking ahead to the New Year and a super special wedding that will be happening!!!!!!!!! 

 I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! 

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