Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Soccer Season:

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I'm playing a little catch up over here but didn't want Charli's first year of Soccer to go unnoticed so here we are! I had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Soccer Season to arrive and it finally did. I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and it was a true love and passion of mine that I always prayed my children would inherit. Something Steven and I always want our children to know is that they can do, be, or play whatever it is they want. We don't want to ever push them into something just because we like it {perfect example, Dance}. It is so not my cup of tea but we see how much Charli thoroughly enjoys it so we will continue to do it until she no longer wants to. 

Charli had actually been talking about Soccer for a couple of years {since we lived in Charleston}. The League I knew I wanted her to play on starts at 4 so I was so excited when registration started and I could finally let our little girl know she was going to get to finally play Soccer. 
She was ecstatic to say the least! 

Her first couple of games were a bit hilarious as she would run after the ball and then immediatley stand there and allow the other team to take it and then tip toe behind them ever so politely. haha. Then all of a sudden, something clicked. I don't know what it was but this little Soccer star was born and she scored 5 goals her next few games and then some. She would steal the ball, play amazing defense, and even assisted on goals. At one point during one of her games my mom was screaming "go traci" and didn't even realize it {obviously brought back so many memories for her}. 

Her season was 3 months long and she has asked every day since when Soccer will be starting again! I can't tell you how that makes me feel to see her already falling in love with something and following in my footsteps. Even if she decides to not continue on like I did, just seeing the light in her eyes in this very moment while she plays is what matters the most!

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  1. Oh I love this!!!! How oh how are they so big???!!!