Monday, June 27, 2016

Charli's First Dance Recital:

Saturday June 11th was a day our sweet girl was anticipating... For a very long time.
"Is it my We-cital Day today?", "What about today?"
{Every day leading up to that day she would ask}

Recital Day had finally arrived and we had the most excited little 3 year old for so many reasons! First and foremost she was going to get to wear mommy's makeup {clearly the best part} and getting to dance on the biggest stage ever in front of family & friends! Charli and I went down first thing that morning for Dress Rehearsal. After an exhausting 3 hours of running back and forth, doing hair, touching up makeup, and changing in and out of costumes, we were headed home for a few hours before heading back Downtown for the real thing!  

The evening approached and it was show time! Charli had the best audience cheering her on for her very first dance recital; Mommy & Daddy, Uncle Yaya & Aunt Sarah, Nana, Aunt Christie, Aunt Shay, and Aunt Hannah. We were all so incredibly happy to be there and so proud to watch her hit the stage and shine like the little star that she is! 

Her Ballet Number was to Somewhere Over The Rainbow and she was dressed as Dorothy. 
They all did so incredibly amazing! 
{She is in the back row, 3rd from right}
{She is 4th from right in above picture}

Her Tap Number was to Disco Duck
They were so adorable in this dance as they shook their little tale feathers! 
{She is 4th from right in the front. Kind of centered in the group on the right}

We are so proud of Charli and her first year of dance! I am also incredibly proud of myself as a First Year Dance Mom! I didn't grow up dancing so this entire atmosphere was a whole new thing for me and was super intimidating. I was out of my comfort zone but stuck it through because of how much Charli enjoyed it each and every week. By the end I felt like a pro and totally had the whole "Dance Mom" thing down though! ;) I have the absolute best friends a girl could ask for because not only did they bring Charli a "First Dance Recital" present, they also bought me an adorable bracelet for accomplishing my "First Year as a Dance Mom" haha {totally a thing people, totally ;)} 

Thank you again for supporting our sweet little chick at her very first dance recital! 
We love each and every one of you! 

You can check out Charli's First Dance Class Here
Happy Monday!


  1. This is the sweetest!!!!! Go Charli!

  2. So sweet.. I think we are going to have Grace do dance and soccer!

  3. Cuteness overload!! I love the Dorothy costume! Looks like she's already got herself a perfect Halloween costume! (And Crew could be the lion on tin man!!)