Monday, June 6, 2016

Tropical Storms: The Typical Florida Weather:

As we sit here currently under our first Tropical Storm Warning of the season {Tropical Storm Colin}, with Tornado Warnings, Flood Warnings, and our power already going out, I couldn't help but scroll through the trusty ol TimeHop App. I see that it was on this exact day three years ago, that we were sitting through the First Tropical Storm of that Season, Tropical Storm Andrea {which I clearly blogged about... duh}. We were in between our moves from Monterey to Charleston and vacationing back here in Jacksonville for a couple of months! 

So as I do what any born and raised Floridian would do during a Tropical Storm/Hurricane {drink} you can enjoy the pictures below of our sweet first born {because the boy child was napping}...

Same city, Same sweet girl, Same little hands, just three years difference.

Happy Monday & Stay Dry & Safe!