Monday, June 13, 2016

Crew Benjamin: 22 month Update:

TWO Months Till TWO! 

I know, shocking! 
Our sweet baby boy is a short 2 months away from turning the big TWO. He grows, changes, and learns new things each and every day and his personality is as lovable as they come. He has grown up and learned so many new things since his 18 Month Update in Feb. Though he is looking so grown, when I look into his eyes, all I see is our sweet baby boy. 
How in the world have the months and now years gone by so quickly. 

We have been busy since his last update. We Welcomed Daddy Home {and have had to say goodbye to him again several times since, but he is back home again!}, spent time with Uncle Dodo, celebrated Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, celebrated our sweet Boo Boo and the wonderful life she lived, and have spent countless of hours at the pool, beach, Nana & Papa's, and just making so many every day memories with family and friends.

Happy 22 Months Crew Ben! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 34 LBS
*Height: 36 INCHES

*Diaper Size: He has moved up to a size 6 and we have actually just recently made the switched to LUVS. This might seem like something so minor but in our household it was a big step. Both of our children are allergic to Huggies and both have sensitive skin {Charli's skin is way worst and more like mine, and thankfully Crew doesn't seem to be as sensitive}. Charli only ever wore Pampers Swaddlers, except for that One Time. So switching Crew seemed so new. But Crew soaks through his diaper Every.Single.Night and something had to give. Thankfully he has done amazing switching to LUVS, has had no reaction what so ever, and they are WAY cheaper... #winning!

*Clothes: 24months to 3T

*Teeth: 16 teeth and cutting his 2 year molars as we speak... Oh the joys! 

*Sleep: We really lucked out in this department with BOTH of our children and we feel so incredibly lucky! Crew officially dropped his morning nap a few months ago and is down to one long afternoon nap.
afternoon nap: Crew goes down after lunch around 12:30/1PM and wakes around 4/4:30PM
bedtime: Crew goes down at 7PM and wakes around 8AM

*Food:breakfast: milk & more milk... He seems to be just like his momma and not a huge breakfast eater {I rarely eat in the morning}. I don't force him to eat if he doesn't want to but I always offer. He will usually end up eating a banana or some dry cereal {chex}
lunch: A typical lunch around here consists of either Hummus & Crackers or Turkey & Cheese, Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pickle, Veggie Sticks
dinner: Bother kids eat whatever I am making. Some things that Crew loves is; Salad {yes, it is true, the boy loves it!!}, Taco Tuesday, Chicken, Pasta, Thai Chicken, French Dips, Pizza, Spaghetti; Veggies consist of; Broccoli, Beans, Corn, Peas, Green Beans, Zucchini 
snacks: Apples are his favorite {and they have to be whole!}, Applesauce, fruit snacks, rice cakes, veggie sticks, any other fruit, goldfish.
milk: Give this boy ALL.THE.MILK. I feel like all I do is buy gallons and gallons of milk. We go through about 5 gallons a week in our house. 

*Words: This has been a HUGE month for our little man!! His vocabulary has FINALLY really blossomed and taken off! He can say some phrases now and is learning a new word every single day! 
Here is a list of words/things Crew can say: Mama, Dada, Char Char, Nana, Papa, BoBo {Bogey}, Bayboo {Bailey Boo}, DoDo {uncle dodo}, Hi, Bye, No, "O-tey" {OK}, Moe {more}, Uh Oh, Ohhhh, Plaaahh {please}, Than-E {thank you}, "R-E" {sorry}, Pup Pup {for any other dog}, Boo Boo, Pee Pee, Blue, Wash, Chase, Water, Chance {he copied me when I said "you lost your chance"}, Mine, Bowl, Bag, Moo {he knows what a cow says}, Baaaa {he knows what a sheep says}, Choo Choo, Boat, Car, Pool, Bike, RAWR {he knows what a lion & dinosaur says}, Go, Bite, Ball, Night Night, and on May 25th my heart exploded as he said "I LOVE YOU" for the first time!! It came out "Uh Nuh You" and it is just the sweetest! 

*Social: Crew loves everyone but is still shy or needs time to come around in a new setting. If mommy is near by that is all he wants, or if I am holding him and someone comes up to him he turns to me to hide under my head/chin {gahhh can we take a moment on that one... my sweet momma's boy}! He absolutely loves playing with his friends, playing outside, and doing anything and everything that involves him getting dirty. 

*Other: Water, water & more water for this kid. Bath, Pool, Beach, Hose, Sprinkler, you name it he is in it and loving it! Some other things he loves; Watching the golfers in the neighborhood, kicking the soccer ball, all things bike {Steven actually won a bike recently for him so he officially has learning}, read books, doing anything and everything big sis is doing, and he absolutely loves to cuddle & snuggle. Something new he has been doing is biting & hitting... He has bit Charli in the face once already causing a bruise and teeth marks and it is something so new for us because Charli never bit or even hit anyone. But we are working on him! Oh the joys of boys...

This was also officially the hardest photoshoot to date... Because well... Why would an almost two year old want to sit still in a chair for a picture... ain't no one got time for that. 
And here is the blurry proof...

After he had his little fun I asked "Ok honey, can we please sit still for one second so Mommy can take a picture of you?"--- Legit, this was the outcome of that statement...

ba hahahahaha! Thanks dude. 

We love you to the moon and back Crew Benjamin! 
Happy 22 months!

that's all folks! ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. Haha, those last two pictures are the best! I can't help but to see a mini Darren when I look at him! And can I have his hair please??

    1. Haha I know! I mean he did listen and stopped and sat still, but getting a smile is too much clearly! Haha! And yeah, 100% my brother! Lol!

  2. He is seriously getting so big... how is that possible?