Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Catching Moments: {24/52}:

*Uncle Doc-ta Dodo to the rescue...
My brother flew into town for the weekend and Charli {well both kids} HAD to show Uncle Dodo their boo boo's {existent & non existent ones} because in Charli's mind Uncle Dodo is a Doctor and can fix anything {my brother is in fact an ER Nurse and is very knowledgable in the Medical Field}. She stepped on a shell and only Dodo could fix her she said... good grief. haha! 

*Thompson & Toddlers...
These two... they are basically the same. Bring out the water hose and they both go crazy! Crew and Thompson literally ran around the deck at my parents for hours as my mom just stood there spraying them. haha! 

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