Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chatting with Charli:

*{I think one of my most favorite ways she says things is by adding a "did" or "ed" to the end of everything}... "Bubba bite-ed me", "I dance-did so good did you see me", "I ate-ed it all gone", "I never had-did that before", "I never saw-did that before"
*{While changing Crew's diaper one morning}... "Ohhhhhhh, Mommy, I didn't know you were a wiener cleaner..." {uhhhhhhhh....hahahahaha}
*We are playing "find daddy"... {and how do you play that}... You just look out the window until you see his car pull up
*Mommy, do you know that white cheese comes from sheep? {uhhhh, nope, definitely didn't know that one.. haha!}
*It's fine if I just eat bacon for lunch, I promise
*{While I am standing at the stove cooking dinner}... "Oh Mommy, this would willy {really} make a gweat pic-cha, let me get my camwa"... {grabs camera, comes back}... "Ok Mommy, say cheese {cheese}. No Mommy, look at my camwa. {hahahaha... cheese}. Got it!"... "Oh Mommy, come here and look at the pic-cha I got of you, it looks gweat, you look like the cookie monsta"... {ummmmm.... thanks.... is that a compliment.... hahaha}
*Geez Louise Bubba, just calm down alweady. Mommy will get you your milk... ugh... good gwief {hahaha}
*Mommy, I really just wish you were healfy all of da time... sigh {honey, mommy does too}
*Mommy, Oh My Gosh, just look at how cute bubba is... come here bubba, you wittle cute fing {all of the time... haha}
*{talking to Crew} I just can't play wif you right now, I have a lot of chores I need to do... Ugh, babies... {meanwhile I was cleaning the kitchen and overheard this, stopped immediatley in my tracks, busted out laughing, and of course had to investigate what these chores were...}
*You just open your legs like this, but you don't pee mommy, and then just hit the ball. And THAT is Tennising, OK... {I was also unaware that "Tennising" was a word... Charli is obsessed with Tennis by the way!}
*{In the most guilty, crime committing voice ever...} Mommy, I have to tell you somefing.... {pause.}... {oh good lord what happened, what did you do...}... I need to go measure my feet! {seriously kid}.
*It is SO hot outside... UGH... It is like 98 LBS... {that would be degrees honey, not pounds}... "same fing mommy..." {rolls her eyes at me}. hahaha
*{Ok kids, clean up your play room it's time for dinner...} "UGH, I just can't even lift my arms, I am so eggs-sausted. You are going to have to do it"

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