Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day Weekend:

"A son's First Hero, A daughter's First Love"

This weekend was truly a good one. One of those weekends that gives you all the feel goods just doing regular every day family stuff, and it was a weekend that was much needed indeed! Steven has been gone so much and when he is home it doesn't feel like he is "really home" because his job {as you could imagine} is very demanding, he is constantly working long hours, and even after getting home from work he is taking work calls. So getting a true couple of days with our main man on Father's Day Weekend and spoiling him rotten felt real good! 

We had friends from California come in for a visit during their cross country road trip and we were so thankful to spend some time with them Friday evening grabbing dinner and doing a fun family photo shoot {he's a photographer} and then seeing them again Saturday morning before they headed up the East Coast to continue their adventures!! I also can't wait to share pictures from our shoot soon! 

Father's Day couldn't come soon enough as we had a lot of spoiling to do for the greatest daddy in all the land! All Steven wanted Sunday morning was a little breakfast in bed {he wanted waffles} and to watch the start of the US Open so that is exactly what he got! With two tiny humans of course, devouring his food before he even got a chance to eat it! HAHAHA! 
But isn't that Fatherhood for you?

Steven is seriously the most hardworking, loving, devoted, patient, understanding, manliest father and I couldn't have picked a better baby daddy to do life with! He takes care of us even when he is not here and I love how all three of us can fit into his arms! We love you so much honey and are so thankful for everything you do for our family! 

The rest of our morning was spent at my parents spoiling my dad because like Charli said "Mommy, today is not for you and Nana. It is for daddy & papa. OK." & playing in the pool. We loved every minute of spoiling Papa too! Being able to just jump in the car and drive over to my parents whenever we want is truly a blessing. We love you dad and thank you for everything you do for our family! 

We ended the day with Steven grilling up a delicious dinner on his new grill, putting two tired kiddos to sleep, and finishing off a yummy bottle of wine while chatting the night away. 

I hope all the dads out there had a wonderful day dedicated just for them! 
Happy Father's Day!

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