Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Catching Moments: {22/52}:

*A Fruit Snack Treat while Char Char sleeps...
Crew is our amazing napper {always has been & still is... literally sleeps from 12:30 to 4:30... every day.} So it is very rare when Charli {which Crew started calling her Char Char about 3 months ago} is still asleep when Crew wakes up from his nap. Well when it does happen, Crew gets all the stuff, because, why not! Toys, Shows, Mommy, and yes special fruit snacks all to himself. It was a special little afternoon with my little big boy! Those lips tho! 

{And because I couldn't pick just one... Sorry not sorry! Enjoy!}
*Admiring the Tropical Storm...
While Crew was napping the other afternoon and Tropical Storm Colin was making its way in {which by the way didn't do much. Some parts of town got hit hard but nothing for us}. Charli & I were snuggling, listening to the sound of the wind and rain as we lost power. I got off the couch to check on Crew and everything else in the house. Crew sound asleep and walked back to this. Charli admiring Mother Nature. 

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