Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Moments: {23/52}:

*Let them be little...
Just playing in the backyard and Charli says "Mommy, watch what I can do"... She uses the tree root sticking out of the ground as a balance beam and walks the entire length of it. Her enthusiasm for making it to the end and the pure joy on her face reminded me so much of what it was like to be little again! 

*His favorite thing to do is play with choo choo's...
Well really anything that is a "automobile" for that matter. Crew loves all things cars, boats, bikes, choo choo's, trucks, you name it. Right now though he is enamored by the magnets on the back of the choo choo's and that he can link them all up in a line and drive them all together! I absolutely love watching his little mind work!


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