Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is it really all about the Diaper?:

I don't really know... Every child is different
So I can only attest to my own child and our own experience...


From the day we brought Charli home from the hospital she has been wearing the exact same brand of diapers... Pampers Swaddlers (and to add, has used the same exact wipes from day one too... Pampers Sensitive). 

At one point during her newborn/infant days we used some Huggies diapers that were given to us as a gift and her little bottom turned red and she got a little rash (this could have just been a coincidence, I know), but Charli had seemed to have pretty sensitive skin like myself (that was confirmed later by her Pediatrician). My mom had then told me she could only use one brand of diapers with me because I was allergic to the others, so it really had us questioning diaper brands. 
So since then we have not steered away from our trusted Pampers Swaddlers!!
Until this past weekend...

I didn't realize we were on our last leg of diapers, and since we order all of our diapers and wipes boxes through our Amazon Prime, I knew I needed to grab a small thing of diapers in the meantime. 
We ran up to the NEX and of course they did not have Pampers Swaddlers in her size (4), so I was stuck with getting Pampers Baby Dry (still Pampers so I thought they would work fine). 

I am not sure how exactly they make diapers, but for the past 2 nights Charli has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming crying (completely unlike her). I would try talking to her through the monitor to get her to go back to sleep and nothing was working. 
I would go in and get her and her diaper was SOAKED through (and it was only midnight). So after changing her diaper, getting her a little more milk to calm her down, she would finally get herself back to sleep. 

We had no idea if it really was because of her wet diaper or maybe she was having a nightmare or something. Steven has been reading up on this stage a lot and it has talked a lot about their sleeping habits and dreams, so we were kind of at a loss trying to figure this out. 
Charli has always been our great little sleeper and never wakes up... 
She goes down at 7PM and wakes up at 7AM... Never waking up.
So you could imagine how concerned/confused we were. 

Well, our trusted Pampers Swaddlers were delivered yesterday, so we were curious what last night was going to bring us...

We laid Charli down at 7PM and low and behold, she didn't wake up until 8:30AM this morning!!


CLEARLY it's all about the diaper!

We are just happy that our little girl got her good night sleep after having two horrible nights and not so good of naps either.


And let me just add, we had no problems with a red bottom or rash 
(I'm assuming since it is still the Pampers brand). 

So, Thank you Pampers Swaddlers, for a good nights rest and a happy baby! ;)


  1. I found you thorugh Tami's blog "Little Moments Like This." So crazy you posted this because my son (22 months) is the SAME way. We've tried Huggies, Luvs, etc. and even other Pampers (Cruisers and Baby Dry) and he's either broken out in a rash or leaked through. I have a good friend who just had a baby and Swaddlers are the only ones he can't wear because he breaks out from those. So weird how every kid is so different!

  2. So, so true! We find what works for us and stick with it too. It's sometimes a disaster otherwise.:)