Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Update: A Fun, Festive Filled, St. Patrick's Day Weekend:

We had a fun, festive filled St. Patrick's Day weekend! 

Friday started with a Doctor's appointment for myself, followed by some errand running, then back to the house to play outside, eat lunch, and take a nap! 
A pretty normal day around here.

Steven got home a little early (yay), so we randomly decided to head over to the Air Force Base Exchange (it's a nice one) to look for a few things that our NEX didn't have. 
After a little shopping was had we let Charli run around and play at one of the many big parks they have on base.

And of course when it was time to leave there was a meltdown...

Seriously, this child could play outside all day every day! 

After the park we headed out for a bite to eat then back home for the night as we were going to have a busy day ahead of us! 

Saturday morning started with a perfect breakfast thanks to Steven! 
He made fresh biscuits, bacon, and eggs! 

After breakfast, we headed out to a huge Children's Consignment Event 

We had several people tell us this was a must do and I am glad we went. We found a few awesome finds! To all of my Jacksonville people, it is just like 'Whale of a Sale' but only Children's items! 

Then it was off to Park Circle for their 11th Annual St. Patrick's Day Block Party and Parade! 
With a stop at the park first before heading over!

This is known as the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the Lowcountry.
We didn't know what to expect so we got their early since we have a little one and walked around and checked out everything they had to offer

Like bouncing in an empty bounce house for one little girl...

They had everything from the bounce houses, to face painting, to food trucks, food tents, vendors, boutiques, live music, and of course lots of beer! 

And of course... The Parade!

This was actually Charli's very first parade. She was very unsure about it all and was pretty scared of all the loud sirens that went off and latched to Steven the entire time. 
But all in all she did great and we had a wonderful time!

And about an hour later this is what it looked like...

(Steven took this when he passed by while he was out cycling)

The rest of our Saturday consisted of running to the commissary and playing in the backyard

And our Saturday ended with a movie date night (The Great Gatsby)!

Sunday morning was church

And Sunday afternoon was sweats, naps, lounging, baking, and listening to the rain.

Then Steven made a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner with of course his grandmother's 

It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

We had a very fun, festive filled St. Patrick's Day weekend and are looking forward to daddy having tomorrow off of work! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did! 

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  1. Perfect weekend, she is too sweet!!