Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Mix-Up: Toddler Must Haves:

Hello Friends!

I am excited to be joining Heather at The Heathered Life and Regan at The Hollinsworth House for my second Monday Mix-Up! This week we are talking about Toddler Must Haves...
You know, those few items that you swear by and the few that might make your day a little less hectic! 

I'm sure I could have listed so many other things, but these items we use on the daily, and items that we not only love, but Charli loves! 

1. The almighty sippy cup: Munchkin: 
These are probably my favorite because Charli can't chew through the nipples like she has with so many previous sippy's we have tried. Charli only drinks water and milk, so we have a different cup for both. These are definitely a necessity and can be found in my purse at all times! 

2. The almighty snack containers: Sassy: 
These are just one set of snack containers we own but I love them! I love that they are the perfect sizes for a good portion, they all screw together and stack on top of each other, and they have a handle to carry. Snacks are another thing found in my purse at all times. I am always prepared with plenty for our little girl, and because of this we have always had a happy camper every where we go! 

3. Skip n Hop Backpack:
Ummmm, are these not the cutest most precious backpacks you have ever seen? I die! Charli absolutely loves her 'beeees' and loves carrying it around the house. These would be perfect if your toddler goes to daycare. Since Charli does not attend a daycare, we decided this was perfect for going to the nursery at church on Sunday's. We actually read an article that says it is a really good idea to start giving your toddler a little backpack with a few items for him/her to carry. 
It helps teach them responsibility as they get closer to being school aged! 

4: Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair:
This is something I knew I wanted once I had children! 
We got this for Charli when she turned one and she uses it every single day. 
We have a little reading corner in her play room with a basket of books next to her chair. She absolutely loves sitting in her chair reading. These chairs come in so many different color and fabric choices, and of course the personalization with a name or monogram, I love! 
All of our children will have this chair!  

5: NUK Toddler Utensils:
We love these utensils for Charli! She really started using utensils with almost every meal a couple of months ago and we have found that these offer the best grip for her little hands and the perfect size for her mouth. She loves her forks!

6: Tom's Toothpaste:
 I swear by this toothpaste! It is an all natural fluoride toothpaste. 
We have never had any issues brushing Charli's teeth. We started brushing regularly when she started teething at 3 months. Our Pediatrician said to go ahead and brush her gums. So we used the infant Orajel toothpaste with the rubber finger brush and she LOVED it! I'm sure she loved how it felt on her gums and I would let her chew on my finger. Once she got a bit more teeth we upgraded to the real deal toothbrush and toothpaste. Our Pediatrician recommended that we use a toothpaste that had fluoride in it as the water in California did not have fluoride in it and it is actually very good for their teeth. So we went with an all natural toothpaste with no artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners, no animal testing or animal ingredients, and we haven't looked back! Charli loves it! 

Bonus Must Have:
Let's be honest here... The almighty bottle of wine for the end of the day! 
When chasing around a toddler all day, dealing with tantrums, messes, and anything else that life with a toddler throws your way... A nice glass of wine to relax your system is always the perfect way to end your day (and a total must have in my book!) :)
(I can't wait to sip on this in a few short months!)

Happy Monday!


  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed!! We use a lot of the same things!! :) And that wine..yes. Just yes.

  2. So glad I bumped into your blog! We have pretty much everything on your list, except for the phenomenal chair! It's been on my wish list for a very long time! Xoxo

    Nessa's World