Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charli Adele: 20 Month Update:

Wow, 20 months old... Where do I even begin. 
Our sweet baby girl is officially closer to being a TWO year old than being a one year old.
I seriously can't even grasp it. 

 I want time to slow down, I love watching you grow and learn with each and every stage. As much as I have loved each and every stage, I can honestly say that the past month has been trying my dear. I have dealt with and conquered a lot of frustration and patience over the past month, I have learned how to deal with your tantrums, but most of all we have learned all of this together. 

Everyone always talks about the terrible twos or even worst... threes, but is there such thing as the 'trying teen months'?! I think there is and I know I am not alone (which has also helped me through this)!

You are so intelligent and we hear it all the time from not only friends and family, but from complete strangers as well. You are articulate, focused, stubborn, independent, creative, loving, sassy, caring, and not to mention the most adorable little girl we have ever laid eyes on!

We love you so much, and though you may be difficult at times, we wouldn't trade it for the world!  

Charli's Stats:
*Height: 36.5 inches
*Weight: 32 lbs
*Diapers Size: 4/5 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: 18-24 month/2t
*Teeth: 16

*Sleep: Still an amazing sleeper! Sleeps from 7PM to 7:30/8AM. And thankfully we didn't have much of a change because of daylight savings. Thank you so much baby girl for this! Your daddy and I are so thankful that we get a full night sleep every night!

*Food: Our healthy girl loves her food! ;) We are also very thankful in this department as well. Charli will eat just about anything. Whatever we are having for dinner, Charli gets the same exact thing on her plate. She also within the past couple of months has gotten so good at using her utensils.

Some of her favorite foods: turkey, cheese, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, apples, cereal, pretzels, peas, pickles (like her dada), corn, avocados, bananas, and peanut butter. Some new things that she eats and loves are cucumbers and salad/lettuce

*Words: I have literally lost count at this point! She adds a new word or phrase just about every day. I absolutely love seeing her mind work and vocabulary grow. A few new recent ones are Octopus (Otapus), 'I know', 'Let's Go', 'Oh No', 'What's This?', 'We're Home'. She has also really started to learn her ABC's. She is able to say almost all of the letters if she is repeating them back to me, but the ones that she knows and says if we point to the letter are 'A,B,C,D,E,O,S'. She is also slowly learning her numbers (only 1, 2, 3 as of now). She says 'Ahh, two, weee' haha!

*Social: Our social little butterfly to say the least... And though she may act shy at first in certain situations, she is an outgoing little girl with a personality that everyone adores! She loves playing with other kids, and her new favorites are our neighbors. We live in a cul-de-sac with a total of about 11 kids. A few are older, but Charli has really taken to two of the girls who are about 10 years old and she asks for them every day! Charli loves being outside, and would probably live outdoors if I let her.  She loves the grass, the dirt, leaves, flowers, trees, and loves looking up into the sky for airplanes and the moon! She still waves and says hi and bye to every person we pass when we are out and about. She truly knows how to brighten someones day!

And just to show you what our photo shoots really look like...

Trying to get this little thing to sit still for a photo is pretty impossible, but somehow I end up managing to do so. I'll take it for now! 

Happy 20 months Charli Adele. 
Our love for you is indescribable and we couldn't imagine our lives without you in it. 
You are going to be the best big sister! 

We love you baby! 


  1. Those outtakes are hilarious and soo real life, haha! She's such a sweet little girl! Love watching her grow on your blog! And you know we're right there with you with the sass, tantrums, and all that! :)

  2. she is beyond adorable and she weighs more than my 3 year old

  3. Having a toddler who sleeps and eats well is the BEST isn't it?