Friday, March 28, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: Easter Edition:

With St. Patrick's Day behind us, March coming to a close, and April/Easter on the horizon, we have been doing all sorts of crafts and decorating around the house! 

Let me share just a few things Charli and I have been up to this week...

 Spring Banner:

*Stencil your letters onto piece of burlap with paint
*Let dry
*Tie both ends with a piece of rope

This adds the perfect touch to the entry way!

 Wooden Bunny:
*I hand drew this bunny and traced it out on a piece of wood for Steven to cut
*Painted/Distressed it with white paint and sandpaper
*Made a piece of burlap ribbon with pink polka dots to tie around the neck

Bunny & Chick prints:
*Piece of card stock
*And an adorable child with the cutest thumbs ever

*Press thumb into one color, press onto card stock
*Press other thumb into different color, press three times onto card stock
*Let dry (or allow adorable child to blow them dry) ;)
*Once thumb prints are dry, draw little faces to make a bunny or chicks

I love framing Charli's masterpieces! 
The perfect touch to one guest room!

Bunny picture:
*Cut out one larger circle from construction paper (for the bottom)
*Cut out one smaller circle (for the head)
*Cut out two smaller oval pieces (for the ear)
*Glue or tape together in shape of bunny
*Glue cotton ball tail
*And frame

We still have a few other crafts to finish, but had a lot of fun with the ones above! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous friday and a happy weekend! 

Happy Crafting!

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