Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Update: It's March!!:

Yay for March and Spring being just around the corner!! 

Friday was a busy morning for me and the little... Starting with a Doctor's appt for myself, running errands, and a little shopping. When we got home it was lunch and nap for our little girl. 
Steven got home from work early, which meant while Charli napped this mommy got to run out to Michaels all by herself... Ahhhhh the joys of walking down each and every aisle just because I could! 
We ended our Friday with a little pizza/movie family date night at home! 

Saturday we woke up to some chilly weather and a little rain. After a lounging kind of morning we headed out to run a few errands with a quick stop at a park in between rain showers to get a little energy out

Then we dropped Bailey off for a little Spa day! 

You would have thought someone had kidnapped her or something with how devastated Charli was and the meltdown that came with it when Steven walked her in... 
The girl loves her Bailey Boo! 

Bailey after a day of beauty

They of  course cut her hair too short... I have slowly learned that every place we take her to can never get it quite right. But after bawling crying the very first time I ever picked her up because I thought she knew I didn't think she looked cute, I have learned that her hair will grow back! ;) haha! 

Saturday afternoon we headed out and bought a little surprise for Charli...

Her very first swing set and sand box! 

Both Steven and I really wanted a wooden swing set and wanted Steven to make a wooden sand box, but with being in the military, and moving so often, it doesn't make since, and the Navy won't move a huge wooden swing set... 
So we found this one and it is absolutely perfect for our little girl and she LOVES it! 
(Good job Dada!)

Charli had a blast playing with it as soon as we got it into our backyard with some of our neighbor friends! A couple of our neighbors have little girls around 11 and they love playing with Charli and Charli loves playing with them! 

It was a perfect ending to our day! 

Sunday morning started with our Sunday waffles

 And having fresh tulips always makes it better! 

We decided to just relax and lounge Sunday morning before running a couple of errands and grabbing some yummy Cold Stone ice cream for a certain preggo who has been craving it for 3 days!! MMMMMMM! Definitely hit the spot! 

Then we headed back home to enjoy the absolutely beautiful 70 degree weather in our backyard! 
Charli got to have her first picnic lunch on her new table

 Then after putting the little one down for nap, this momma enjoyed laying out on a gorgeous afternoon... the warmth, the sunshine, and of course a little sweet tea...
Made for a perfect afternoon! 

After Charli woke up it was back outside to enjoy more 
the hammock 

And of course her new toys...
The Sand box

 The Swing

 The slide

It was a perfect Sunday that was finished off with dinner, bath, and a worn out little girl! 

We are so excited that Nana will be here next weekend!!! 
We can't wait! 

Now its time to watch the Oscars with my hubby! 

I hope everyone had a really amazing weekend as well!! 


  1. What a perfect weekend. I can't wait for 70 degree weather! Also, my boys absolutely LOVE their sandbox. Good times!

  2. Sounds like such a great weekend! I love her outfits, gosh, too cute!!!