Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Update: Steven's Birthday Weekend:

We were so excited for Friday to arrive, as Steven would be coming back home

Friday was a day full of running around getting some errands done and of course... 
grocery shopping! 
Then it was nap time... Oh wait, Charli now thinks it is appropriate to nap every other day. 
However, I am grateful that she will always at least lay in her crib for quiet time even if she isn't going to sleep.  So even though she may not nap some days, this momma still gets a little down time! 

Then it was off to do a little more running around before we headed back home and played in the front yard waiting for daddy to get home! 

We ended our Friday with pizza and Frozen! 
Seriously such a good movie, and Charli loved it! 
She is obsessed with snow for some reason and pointed at the snow the whole time saying "snow". 
I can honestly say she was glued for the first 30 minutes! 

Then it was an early bed time for all of us with Steven being in so much pain.

Saturday was Steven's Birthday!! 
I absolutely love birthdays and holidays, and if you know me well, then you know I love to go all out. 
So of course I had to do a little decorating for my man!

Birthday Banner I made

 Charli's Birthday card she made and of course the straws had to be changed out! ;)

We couldn't plan anything this year due to Steven's eye surgery because we had no idea what kind of shape he would be in. So it ended up being a very low key day which is exactly what Steven needed!

I let Steven sleep in for a good while as Charli and I kept very quiet reading books in her room. 
Once Steven woke up and relaxed for a little bit he said he really wanted to go for a walk, so we headed to the bridge.

 We were very thankful that it was a little overcast out for Steven's eyes, but I think he may have pushed himself a little too much, along with myself. The bridge is a 5 mile walk which is normally no problem at all, but being 4 months pregnant with my arthritis flaring really bad in my back, it might have just been a little too much.
I had back spasms the rest of the day. 

Needless to say, the rest of our Saturday was spent napping and resting in a very dark home! 
We also put Frozen on again for myself Charli when she woke up from her nap! 

Then it was a birthday dinner and a homemade cookie cake for the birthday boy!

 Yes, the candles hurt his eyes (didn't think about that!

And the birthday boy was snug in bed before 8! 
Happy Birthday again Steven! We love you! 

Sunday morning was another quiet morning as daddy slept in again (he unfortunately has not been sleeping well if you can imagine). Once Steven got up we lounged around with him in the dark. 
Steven wanted to get out and get some fresh air again so we decided to take Charli to one of the parks on base to run around for a bit.

If you could see this little girls face as it lights up when she sees the park... Pure joy I tell you! 
She had so much fun! 

Then it was back to the house for lunch and naps. 

Sunday afternoon was spent out front enjoying the beautiful weather, playing with friends, and a little girl getting to go for a little bike ride down the street...

Unfortunately, while playing and running around with her friends, Charli tripped on the driveway and got a nasty boo boo on her little finger... Half of her nail bed got scrapped off :(
And yes, my weak stomach made me a bit queasy as I was cleaning up the blood...
Our poor baby!

It of course didn't stop her from going right back outside to playing after being cleaned up!
She's a pretty tough girl!

And then our Sunday came to an end!

We are looking forward to a great week and some friends coming in town next weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  


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  1. What a great weekend!!! Did you say you were pregnant?! I didn't realize, congrats!!!!!! :)