Friday, March 21, 2014

He's Home and Our Weekend can begin:

Steven has been down in Jacksonville for the past few days having eye surgery...

Steven had perfect vision when he joined the Navy almost 16 years ago, but his vision started to degrade when he was stationed on Subs and worsen over the years with age and all the studying for his Bachelors and Masters Degrees.
Well with him being attached to a command that was flexible enough to allow the procedure and the fact that when he gets to a ship next year he wants to have perfect vision, he finally decided that it was time to get the PRK procedure (another form of surgery similar to Lasik except they remove more of his eye layer).
It was performed down at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville(for free, Go Navy Medicine!) so he has been gone for a few days. 

Charli and I stayed back as we didn't feel his recovery would be much of a recovery with a 20 month old screaming and wanting his attention! ;)

I am happy to report that there were no complications during the surgery and that his brother was able to be there before, during, and after (Thank You again Amia!)
Steven is still in a lot of pain, but he was given the OK to drive home at his post-op appointment. 

We are just happy to have him back home!

Especially since tomorrow is his Birthday! 
I'm sure it will be low key (and dark) with him still recovering, but we will make the best of it!! 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 


  1. PRK is a big deal. I used to work for some eye doctors and got Lasik several years ago for free. I have loved every minute of it since. Totally worth it. Glad everything went well. :) And happy birthday!

  2. Kev did PRK a few years ago too and has had great sight since! Happy Bday Steven!