Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Traumatizing Tuesday:

Where to begin...

You may have remembered reading in Charli's 18 Month Update how I listed a few quirky habits that she has. One of them being chewing on her fuzzy blankets (only the fuzzy ones). 
This is one of the ways she soothes herself before she falls asleep. She stopped taking a pacifier at 3 months and the other way she calms herself involved chewing on the crib (teething) or chewing the nipples on her bottles. At first we very concerned with this new chewing on blankets habit but her pediatrician saw no issues with this habit..... 
Until last week...

One day after nap I noticed that Charli was trying to stuff one of the fuzz balls that she had chewed up her NOSE! I immediately extracted the fuzz balls using a nose bulb (from her infant days) and I was extremely concerned but confident that I had retrieved all the fuzz.

This weekend when Steven got Charli from a nap, he noticed that she had something up her nose. He quickly ran to me with the nose bulb. Holding down a Kicking/Screaming toddler and after many failed attempts I was finally able to get one of the largest things I have ever seen come out of someone's nose  fuzz balls. Immediately after I pulled it out, Charli ended up sneezing another one out! We both sighed with relief thinking we got it all... 

Later that afternoon while running errands Steven asked me if I thought Charli's face smelled.. I thought that she had a different smell but I thought it might have been a crazy pregnancy smell thing... After investigating we found out that her nose/snot had a foul odor (think old cheese, spoiled milk, and gym socks mixed together). We tried washing her face, brushing her teeth, squirting saline solution up her nose but the smell didn't go away. We were stuck with "Stinky Kisses".

The odor was not getting any better which made us question if there was still something stuck up there. So Steven called our Pediatrician and they got us in. 
After seeing the largest tweezers I have ever laid eyes on, a very traumatizing 30 minutes for one little toddler, and 4 giant smelly fuzz balls later... 
We have a happy healthy little girl with a clear nose and can breath out of both nostrils again! 

I still have no idea how one tiny adorable little button nose could house so many large things!

This was definitely an occasion to mark in her baby book and one to be documented for our family to always remember! ;) 

And yes, if you are wondering... All fuzzy blankets have been removed from the premises! haha! 


  1. This post was hilarious! hahaha! I'm glad she can breath out of her nose again ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! Four?! Crazy!! My daughter put a raisin up her nose and took us two hours to get it out!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That must have felt so weird having that all up her nose! And scary for you guys, yikes! Definitely a story to re-tell when she's older, haha!

  4. Oh no! What do these said "fuzzy blankets" look like? I hope Graham doesn't pick up on that!

  5. hahaha oh charli- I shouldn't laugh, but really, great story for her rehersal dinner ;)

  6. Oh my goodness! The things kids too. It sounds like you won't be welcoming a fuzzy blanket into your home anytime soon! ;)