Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OK, I lied...:

Definitely didn't wait a week to start putting out our Halloween decorations like I said, haha! 
I just couldn't help myself! ;)

entry way/foyer

living room

I guess I'm just in the holiday spirit! ;) But don't worry, that is it for now. I am waiting until we make it out to the pumpkin patch and get all of our pumpkins before decorating our front porch! 

I have also still been crafting today... I made some super cute Martha Stewart inspired bats to hang over our porch/front door with simple black construction paper

So easy, and they are going to look super cute outside! Just fold the construction paper in half and draw the one side of the bat, and cut out! Voila!

I also made some fall burlap ribbon strands to decorate with

I cut strips from burlap I had, and hand painted orange circles on them, and again... Voila! 
This also only cost .59!!! I had everything but the orange paint, so a quick stop by Michael's and .59 later, I have adorable burlap ribbon! 

Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy Wednesday! 

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