Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Update: Welcoming November:


A Drill Weekend
Crisp Cold Weather
A First Birthday Celebration with friends
Pumpkin muffins
Lots of PJ wearing
A little golf
And a lovely cold...

Our weekend started off with some errand running, grocery shopping, and a whole lot of nothing else on Friday afternoon. I did manage to get all of the Halloween decorations taken down and put away though! 
Steven ended up making some yummy Chicken Parm for dinner (since I refuse to cook on Friday's), and we ended the day curled up on the couch watching some TV.
That my friends was the extent to our lovely first Friday of November! 

Saturday, Steven was up bright and early for work as Charli and I slept in, lounged around, then headed off to a dear friend's little girls very First Birthday party!
I am very lucky to have a couple of dear friends who live in the Charleston area (we go back to Middle/High School) and they both happen to have little girls just months apart from Charli. 

Well little Janey will be turning one in a couple of days, and we were so excited to celebrate with her on Saturday!

 Charli Adele and Janey Adele

Janey's new ride!

'They see me rollin... They hatin..."

Happy First Birthday sweet girl!

After the Birthday celebration it was back to the house (as I sang on the top of my lunges the entire drive home to keep Charli awake... My how things have changed) to put Charli down for her nap and get ready for some football... And no, I don't want to talk about it!
But even though the Gators may have lost, we at least looked mighty fine in our FL/Ga attire ;)

And if you haven't already, please go check out my friend's boutique Hello Darling
She has some super cute stuff! 

Sunday morning Steven was back to work, and I am very happy that Charli got the memo that it was Daylight Savings! Thank you sweet child! 
After we woke up I made some yummy Pumpkin Muffins to start out our first Sunday of November

The rest of our Sunday looked like this...
napping for all
re-decorating for Thanksgiving
more laundry
and a little football

And since it was a Drill Weekend, that meant our weekend wasn't over just yet and we got to spend today with Daddy! 

This morning we woke up and Daddy and Charli built a fort and played then we headed out for a morning round of Golf.

Daddy's  little Caddy...

Such a big helper! And it was a tad windy out there! haha! (look at that hair)

After golf we headed into Park Circle to grab some burgers and beers for lunch 

Someone got her very own vanilla milkshake... Heaven I tell ya! ;)

Sesame is such a cute place that not only had many gluten free beers to choose from but also offered gluten free buns... SCORE! I can honestly say that this is the very first time I have eaten at a public restaurant and was able to eat a burger with a bun! Needless to say I was one happy camper! 

The rest of our Monday was spent napping off this cold and lounging with my beautiful little family!
It was a perfect November Monday! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their first weekend of November (wow, it's November...)
We are looking forward to a very busy next few weeks, with lots of family coming into town! 

Happy Monday!  


  1. What a weekend! If she isn't the cutest little golfer... and her pillow case dress... I wish I could wear one so well. :)

  2. It sounds like you had the perfect November weekend! I think Charli's going to be a future golfer; she sure was enjoying herself.

    P.S. I had to laugh when you said that you were singing on top of your lungs to keep Charli from napping in the car. I remember those days all to well. I used to put all the windows down in the car, so that Lewie would stay awake from the rush of air in the backseat. Of course, this only worked on warm days ;)

  3. What a perfect weekend!! I LOVE that you refuse to cook on Friday nights! Best idea ever :)
    It's so fun having friends who have babies close to the same age!
    I can't believe it's warm enough for you to wear those cute dresses. It snowed all afternoon in my neck of the woods yesterday, yuck!
    Can I have your recipe for those pumpkin muffins? YUM!

  4. You guys have the best weekends! Love your matching dresses and Charli on the golf course, too cute!!