Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update: Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and drinking way too much:

Friday was a pretty low key day, just running a few errands and making sure we had everything for our family's arrival! Amia and Sarah got in Friday evening while Jettie and Lealenn drove through the night and got here first thing Saturday morning. 
All arrived safe and sound!

Saturday morning started off with Steven and Amia heading out for a run (which they ended up running a half marathon) they are freaking awesome, way to go guys, while us girls took a nice little 2 mile walk around the neighborhood! When we got back, we rewarded ourselves with pumpkin muffins that I made and Mimosas (perfection)! 

Saturday afternoon we headed outside to our next door neighbors house to celebrate little Wyatt turning 5! 
Happy Birthday Wyatt, we are so happy we could celebrate with you (bounce house and all)!

Charli's first time in a bounce house and this little girl was in heaven!! 

After the birthday celebrations it was on to getting Charli down for a nap, while we hung out in the backyard... Playing some jumping contest, a little volleyball, and of course a little beer pong while the turkey was in the oven. 

Late Saturday afternoon we gathered around our table to share a wonderful meal together! 
Our Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect and I am so happy we could all celebrate together!

After dinner and some more naps, it was time to get ready to hit the town... Not only was it Jettie's Birthday weekend, but a couple more of our friends Birthday's as well, and we all met up downtown for a little fun... or a lot of fun! ;)

Happy Birthday Shaun and an almost Happy Birthday Kelly! 

 Parent's Night Out doesn't happen very often, but when it does... 

 Steven and his buddy Matt. 
Matt was also in Monterey with us and is now also stationed in Charleston! 
(Nice bottle of wine Steven)! haha

Happy Birthday again Seester!

 For us to be able to go out meant we used our very first babysitter for Charli for the night (which we still put her down for bed before she even arrived, and Charli just slept), but it was still a huge step for us! And I look forward to being able to have date nights again now that we found a babysitter! 

And I may or may not have had a little too much to drink that night... (why do I do this?!) haha. I have come to the conclusion that I definitely cannot hang anymore and I am officially old... It has taken me 2 full days to recover... 
Never. Drinking. Again. ;)
(OK maybe... but not drinking like I did Saturday night)

So needless to say, you can imagine what our Sunday looked like...
Family left
I slept
Charli napped
I slept again
Went for a Sunday stroll in the neighborhood 
(which I felt like I was going to throw up the entire time)
Layed on the grass outside while Charli put grass and leaves on me
Layed on the couch while Steven made dinner
Ate dinner
Put Charli to bed
Put myself to bed...
It was a perfectly lazy kind of Sunday! 

This morning, Steven met a couple of friends for a round of golf at River Towne Country Club since they were offering a huge deal for Veterans Day. Meanwhile Charli and I lounged around, cleaned, did some laundry, and went for a walk. And we ended our weekend/Veterans Day by going out to dinner for a Command Fundraiser. 

We are looking forward to my parents arriving and a fun weekend ahead.
The Marine unit Commanding Officer and Steven are friends so he has invited us to attend the Marine Corps Ball (Steven is also helping out with the Marines Toys for Tots this year)! I have yet to attend a military ball so this will be a first and I am so excited! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well and Happy Veterans Day again!  


  1. Im still Charli's favorite sitter, obviously. And never drinking again? I don't believe it for a second ;)

    Miss yall and happy veteran's day to Steven!

  2. Gosh, I hear ya! Hangovers are just horrible now..blah!! Sounds like you have lots of fun planned!!! :)