Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our LOVE-LY Home:

I am not huge into going all out on decorating for Valentine's Day, but if you know me, you know no matter what the holiday, there will be some little decor pieces to celebrate with! :)

And since I had a Valentine's Party Play Date planned, I had to make sure our home was in the spirit of the holiday (more on the Party later today).

So here is a look into Our LOVE-LY Home...

Simple arrows I made out of sticks from the yard

And of course, both guest rooms show a little love! 
Charli's craft that she made, and Mommy's craft! 

 What do you do to celebrate the holiday?

Happy Valentine's Eve everyone! 


  1. You're so crafty, I love it! And I love that Charli contributed. :)

    So where is the big Valentine's Day trip this year?

    1. Thank you!! :) We will be heading up north for a little ski getaway!

  2. Those are soo cute!! Seriously, you need to set up an Etsy shop!