Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chatting with Charli:

A new series to the blog I wanted to start is "Chatting with Charli". Charli is a full on little talker and the things she says and comes up with, or how she pronounces things is hilarious, adorably cute, and sometimes even rude (you'll see ;)), but none the less not a single one I want to ever forget! So this is going to be my little space to document new things she is saying! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

So here goes...

*We are moving to Mooport Mama? (aka Newport)
*You have a big tooshie OR You have a big butt (thanks kid... Because actually I don't... Rude ;))
*Yep, you still have a big tooshie (as she ran around me in a circle to look at it again...)
*No Bailey, you on a diet
*Calm down honey
*Band Band (aka band aid)
*I'm just fine right now
*Not Yet
*I'm soatin wet (aka I'm soaking wet... She hates it if a little water spills on her or her sleeves get wet from washing her hands)
*Goodness Gracious honey
*I so excited!
*I just hangin out (when asked what she is doing)
*Because I love you (the response to us getting on to her for doing something she is not supposed to be doing...)
*You want to talk about it (as her hands are folded in front of her and she finds a seat to sit down... therapist maybe?!)
*Cough into your elbow bubs
*Chu Benahen (aka Crew Benjamin)
*Chu likes boobies
*Bubs likes to eat booby
*Did Chu poo poo in his pants? He's a bad boy! (well honey, technically he is not because he is a baby... But yes, poo pooing in your pants is bad...)
*I tooted! 
*You hear it Mama? You hear my poo poo's coming out? 
*I am so fweezing Mama can Daddy make me a "fiya" (fire)?
*Mama, you have a boo boo on your bottom, so you have a shot in your tummy, and you get a band band. (yes honey)
*You my favowite Mommy!
*Mommy, you drank all your wine (HA!)
*Peppaponies are my favowite! (aka pepperonis)
*Teven James (aka daddy)
*I be a adult one day too

There is definitely never a dull moment with this one!! haha!


  1. Oh my gosh, she's too much!!! I Love it! :) I love that you wrote these down - there are so many things I never want to forget!

  2. Ah! I love it! She is so sweet.. and to the point too. Lol.

  3. These are the best - love her!!! Cute pics, too!!

  4. Bahahaha Chu and the boobies - she is hysterical! And those photos are so sweet :)

  5. Oh I love this post!! Charli is adorable, and she has such a personality! As you already know from my post, Charli will still be saying adorable things at age 6!! It's so much fun to record these memories!

  6. Ahhhh - so now I know why you're going to spin class.... ;-) Love that feisty little girl of yours!

  7. Oh stop it!! I am dying! She is such a funny girl! I can't wait to hear the things Mia will say (or maybe I should be terrified to hear what will come out of her mouth, ha ha!) as her vocabulary grows!