Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crew's Corner: My New Jumperoo:

From Crew's Crib:

 My very first Christmas
Was a whole lot of fun
I got lots of toys
Like this special one

Mommy and Daddy told me
It came from Santa himself
I think he did good
With some help from his elves

It's called a Jumperoo
I'm not really sure why
There's no jumping for me
As my toes are just shy

I like to sit, watch, and laugh
At all it can do
And at my sister 
Who laughs at it too

It is so much fun
I can't wait to do more
But for now I'll enjoy
Reaching my toes to the floor! 

 And to show you how most of the pictures turned out because of how funny he thinks it is...
Blurry, laughing, moving baby pics...


Until my next adventure
Thanks for stopping by! 

xo crew


  1. We have matching jumperoo's and Ady is LOVIN hers too!

  2. He is getting SO big. I love it when babies laugh while bouncing away.

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