Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014:

I knew Christmas this year was going to be one to remember for so many reasons...
Crew's very first Christmas
Charli being at the age to understand Christmas
And My mom being here with us in Newport.

Well I am here to say that it didn't disappoint! This Christmas truly was the best one so far. It was truly magical and so special and I have a funny feeling that every year from here on out is going to get that much better as our babes get older! 

Christmas Eve was a day full of baking with Nana, some last minute shopping, a little relaxing, and finishing up Crew's "First Christmas Ornaments".

*His tiny little handprint and his tiny feet! I love that I did the same exact "First Christmas" ornaments for both Charli and Crew. Charli's feet are the top right and Crew's are the bottom left! 

 *Making rice krispie treats with Nana! 

 *A day full of relaxing and soaking in every minute as a family!

Then after dinner, we opened up our one Christmas Eve present (Christmas Jammies!), and then made some special sugar cookies (Gluten Free of course so Mommy could participate!) for Santa! Charli helped with everything and loved every minute. She helped cut them, she helped decorate them, and after bath she set them out in a special spot!

Then two babes were snug in their bed while the Night Before Christmas was being read! 

Christmas morning we awoke to this...
Santa had arrived!

The look on Charli's face was priceless. As she walked out and saw her red kitchen and everything else that had been left! Our babes (along with Steven and I, and even Nana) were spoiled rotten and got everything they asked for and then some. On Charli's Christmas List was, a Red Kitchen, Pluto, and a Fire Truck. She told Santa that Crew needed a blue hat! I guess Santa heard her because everything was delivered! 

After the excitement of seeing everything and opening up stockings, Charli didn't want to open up any presents... She was so overwhelmed I think. haha. So we took a break from everything, which was perfect timing because after opening Crew's stocking he threw up all over my mom (he has been so congested and sick since we moved here), so I was running around doing laundry, nursing, and getting Crew down for a nap. It broke my heart that he was so sick on his first Christmas morning, but thankfully when he woke up he felt much better. 

During all of that chaos, we sat down and enjoyed our traditional Christmas morning breakfast casserole

Then Charli was ready to finally play and open up presents! 

She got everything from clothes, shoes, groceries for her new kitchen, pots & pans, a shopping basket, her very own apron, Minnie Mouse toys, an etch a sketch, a guitar, books, even a camera just like mommy, and more...

Crew got a jumparoo, clothes, a blue hat, bath toys, books, and toys. 

Santa was good to me too... From clothes, shoes (white converse that Santa forgot about until the next day) ;), to red hunter boots, a new red longchamp, and more!

Daddy even got a nice set up... a gravity board, clothes, slippers, and yet another new bike along with a new bike stand...
*I think this makes bike number 6... Seriously... #beingmarriedtoacyclistproblems

It truly was an amazing Christmas for us all. But the one gift we cherished the most was having Nana here to celebrate and experience it all with us! 

Crew's First Christmas was a true success!

Steven's brother and girlfriend arrived that evening just in time to sit down as a family and enjoy Christmas dinner!

We spent the rest of the night enjoying our time together, drinking wine, eating chocolate, and playing some new games I got for Christmas; Never Have I Ever and Cards Against Humanity.
Seriously a perfect end to an absolutely perfect day! 

From our  family to yours, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


  1. You have such a beautiful family - I think I say that every time!! :) What a Christmas to remember...Hunter boots and a Longchamp? Lucky gal ;) I've loved seeing your mom's visit on IG - what fun!!

  2. Awww how wonderful that your mom was able to be there!!! I just love all of these photos! That red kitchen for Charli is darling and Crew in that puffy vest is the cutest thing ever!!!

  3. Santa has good taste! What great gifts! I love the Little Blue Truck too! Such a cute book! I'm glad that you guys had a nice Christmas with family, and I hope that Crew is feeling better!