Tuesday, December 2, 2014

St. Stephen's Way:

As we walked through our house together as a family, for what would be the very last time, I couldn't keep the tears from filling my eyes. No furniture to fill the spaces, not a picture on the wall, no toys to be picked up, just the many memories we shared as we walked through each room. Charli proclaimed "where is everything?" and upon entering her room "oh no, where's my bed? my toys? I wanna go night night..." and the tears fell. It was definitely bittersweet for my family as we said goodbye to the home that housed our little family for 16 months, because at that moment it was no longer our home... It was just a house, a house that was waiting for the next family to enjoy. As I looked around and tears fell from my cheeks, I realized I was sad for Charli, because she doesn't fully understand though we have been trying to explain to her as best we can. 

I have nothing but great things to say about our home in Charleston...
We celebrated and embraced so many big milestones for Charli and for our family there...
From Charli learning how to walk, to mastering climbing stairs, to celebrating her  First Birthday and Second Birthday, learning how to sit at the table like a big girl, moving into her big girl bed, learning how to go potty like a big girl, and every other milestone and memory in between!
Charli truly went from a baby to a little girl in that home and it is the only home she knows!
Even as we pulled into the neighborhood for the last time she exclaimed "We're Home!!!!!" just as she did every day!

I feel our home was documented well and we will always remember how it looked... 
From the moment we Moved In, to every holiday, season, and celebration in between...
To Crew's first Nursery
And to our little girl's very first Big Girl Room

You were good to us St. Stephens Way... Your walls protected us and kept our family safe, we had the most amazing neighbors that surrounded us (we are truly going to miss them),and you were the very home we became a family of 4 in! Though we are truly going to miss you, we are looking forward to this next chapter and adventure in our lives.
We will cherish every memory we shared inside those walls.  

So goodbye St Stephens Way...

Our new home is waiting!


  1. Safe travels!!! It's so bittersweet to leave a home with so many memories, but there are so many more to come in RI :)

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you guys, but this post made me cry a little! Moving is so fun (well, not the physical part of it) but can be so hard, too. Charli will LOVE her new home, new bedroom and new friends!! xo

  3. Ugh so, so hard, especially when you have such sweet memories with your babies in that home! On to new adventures and new memories! Safe travels!! :)