Sunday, December 14, 2014

Operation get unpacked and decorated for Christmas:

One thing that Steven and I have in common is our OCD tendencies and need for organization, especially when it comes to moving. Since we move quite often, being unpacked, settled, and feeling at "home" immediately after moving is a must for us.
Even more so now that we have children. 

So on the 7th day, I can officially say that we are finished... done... complete... and we are settled in our new home! 

The one problem I had with this move was the time frame it fell into... The Holidays. I am the one who immediately after Thanksgiving is out decorating for Christmas and getting our Christmas tree that very next weekend. I love being able to enjoy the decorations and the season every second I can. Well this year was going to be different... With being in the middle of PCSing, decorating for Christmas wouldn't be happening until we moved into our new home (insert anxiety and super sad face because I would be missing out on a good solid 2 weeks of Christmas decor and festivities). 

I am happy to report though, that we are unpacked and have started decorating for Christmas!
So first things first... We needed a tree! 

So over the weekend we headed out to do a little exploring and found an adorable Nursery right down the road by the Vineyards up here and picked out the perfect tree for our family! 

We let the tree sit for a day in the stand so the branches could fall before we started decorating. 
It was such a fun and magical evening with both our babes! 

 Crew enjoyed starring at the lights and Charli was actually a huge help this year! I let her help with just about everything and she was a rockstar! 

We even did a small tree in the family room (basement) downstairs just for the kids and Charli got to decorate it also and loved every single minute of it! 
She even helped me whip up a quick star for their tree with sticks from the backyard! 

We are still busy doing little odds and ends kind of things but are feeling more and more at home with each passing day!


  1. What great trees!! Can't wait to see how your new house is becoming a home :)

  2. Beautiful!! I love your Merry Christmas ribbon!! I bet Charli is in heaven over her own tree!! How is everyone adjusting? xoxo

  3. You are a freaking rockstar for getting the house decorated that fast! Wow!