Monday, December 15, 2014

Crew Benjamin: 4 Month Update:

Another month has flown by just like that and our sweet little guy is already 4 months old! 

This past month was yet another super busy one... 
With making his first trip down to Florida, getting Baptized, celebrating his first Thanksgiving, saying goodbye to his very first Home, and making his first Navy move. In this little dudes short 4 months of life, he has been in a total of 18 states already. I can't say it enough but he is seriously the most chill laid back little guy and is an amazing little traveler! We truly are blessed! 

Crew has the best personality. He is the biggest love, is completely happy if you just stare at him, and is so sociable! He loves being held, talked to, kissed on, and looked at!

As if that isn't enough, Crew 100% said "mama" on his actual 4 month birthday (Saturday). I know it is hard to believe, but it's true. Charli mumbled what sounded like "mama" at 14 weeks, and though it was probably just that, a mumble, she shortly after started saying "mama" every day. On Saturday though, he was getting really fussy because I wasn't paying attention to him (Charli had just woke up from nap and I was getting her up/dressed), so he was crying in his crib. As he cried and made noises, the "mmmmmm" sound was made followed by "mmmmm mama". My heart melted and Charli and I ran to his room and Charli exclaimed "mama, he said mama"! Of course I have been working on it every minute since and he has said it every day! ;)

We had his 4 month check up this morning with his new Pediatrician and he is absolutely perfect and healthy in every way, shape, and form. He got all of his shots and slept basically the rest of the day. Such a little trooper that one! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 15lbs 9oz
*Height: 25 1/2 inches
*Diaper Size: 1- Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: 3 month and starting to get into 3-6 month
*Teeth: 0- but still seems to be teething pretty bad
*Sleep: We had a couple of minor set backs with sleep due to over 3 weeks of traveling and being in different places every other night. He went from sleeping 8 hours to back down to 3-4 hours but for the past few nights is back up to 9- 9 1/2 hours! I am hoping that since we are in our new home we can continue on this upward stretch! Bedtime is around 7:30pm- 8pm and he wakes up around 7am-8:30am with one feeding around 6-6:30am. His first morning nap is about 45 minutes after waking up and he will sleep anywhere from 1-4 hours. He takes about 2-3 more naps the rest of the day. He really is a great little sleeper!
*Noises/Words: "mama", along with so many other noises, squeaks, and sounds! He is a little talker for sure!
*Social: He loves everyone he meets and being held. Like I said above, he is a happy little camper when he is the center of attention (just like big sis)!
*Other: Bath time is still his favorite and I swear he is going to be a swimmer and his best event will be backstroke. He loves having his diaper changed and one of my absolute favorite things is getting him dressed... Every single time (never fails) he starts cracking up and giggling as I put on his shirts (he is that ticklish). All it takes is the brush of my hand across his little chest and he squeals and laughs uncontrollably... I die!

Happy 4 months bubs! 
We love you so much! 

4 months- Christmas Edition:


  1. He is such an adorable little chunk! I just want to squeeze him!

  2. He keeps getting cuter & cuter!!!!!! Happy 4 months crew!

  3. He is just the cutest!!! sweet!!