Sunday, December 7, 2014

I just want to go Home:

The one thing Charli has said on more than one occasion since we have started our move...

We have tried explaining to her that we are "home" and she responds "no, this is a hotel". Well yes baby girl we are in a hotel (smart girl that one), but since we are in this hotel as a family for now, this is our home... Yeah, that doesn't go over real well with a 2 year old! ;) 

Though we have technically only been "traveling" or "moving" for a few days, the kids and I have been out of our normal and basically "homeless" for over 3 weeks now. To be quite honest, I am ready to go home too. I am stressed to the max and just want to be settled so we can enjoy the Christmas Season as a family and in our new home. 

I am a home body and a stickler for routine (probably due to my OCD/over planning ways), so this kind of stuff gives me a lot of anxiety. I am thankful for a husband who takes the brunt of it all and really does everything in his power to keep me calm, sane, and tries to keep me as stress free as possible!  

We can finally see the light though. Tomorrow is move in day! Yippee! 
We can say goodbye to the trailer, to the bins, and to the hotels...
We will be going home! 

So here is to a day full of moving tomorrow!
Wish us luck! ;)


  1. So glad you all will be settling in soon. I can't imagine the moving with the littles.

  2. Yay for move in day!!!! I can't imagine how hard it's been, good for you for making it through!!! Good luck today!!! Xoxo

  3. So exciting that you're almost at moving day!! I cannot wait to see photos of your new place :)

  4. Oh, good luck today!!!! I am sure you are all ready to be settled!! Make sure you take some time for you. :) xo

  5. Thinking of you friend! Can't wait to see pics and know you'll be relaxing in no time!